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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 

I really want to go to school

It seems like the things that I really want are the things that I can't have. And the things that I can care less about are the ones that come easily.

I hate school. I hate going to school and being graded on the things that you learn. However, I'm excited to start school because I have nothing else going on in my life right now. And, the sooner I can finish school, the sooner I can get out of this backward state. Anyway, I went to see the prof at MSU today. Good news: The Masters of Public Policy program will be up and running Fall 2006. The bad news: I can't take any transfereable courses this summer cause they're all being held during the day when I'm at work. Sigh.

So, my next task is to contact U of M. The MSU prof recommeded that I see if I can take one day off work per week and just take a class at UM. He said that more than likely, those classes will transfer to the MSU program.

So I call UM and they're not offering summer courses. At all. Fortunately I think I can take classes there in the fall. Now I just need to find a way to occupy my time this summer.

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