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Saturday, June 07, 2008 


I'm sure people won't like that I'm saying this, but I really didn't like the Sex and the City movie. I went to the movie because a girl I met a while ago invited me to hang out with her and her friends. I'm rather a loner and don't like to meet new people, but because he'll be moving soon, Baloo wants me to start making friends. So, he encouraged me to go and meet new people.

I like the girl I was hanging out with. But we also hung out with some friends of friends as well. Anyway, we all went out to the movie. I felt the whole thing predictable...and a little pathetic. Maybe I have a different viewpoint becuase I'm in a relationship now, and when I liked the show I was a single bed hopper like Samantha. But I think that it's sad that these women are 40 and 50 and are still searching for love and the happily ever after. I've been in a relationship with Baloo for over a year now and I know we're no fairy tale. We're happy together. He doesn't buy me roses, but he holds me when I'm sad and cares tremendously. Instead of girls thinking of the happily ever after, they should look at this movie and see what happens to women when the wedding becomes more important than the relationship. But that's just my two cents. I also knew it was time to make my exit when one of the girls in our group said, "That was the best 2 hours and 55 minutes EVER" and, "I was bawling the whole movie." Sigh. I fear these women may have missed the point.

Or maybe I'm happily attached and coming from a different vantage point. What did you think?

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I am not going to see the movie either. I never saw much of the TV show because I don't have cable. I think I liked it before because I felt obligated as a woman to like it.
I can't believe women STILL think getting married is the end of the fairy tale. After all the women who have had to raise kids on their own, after all the divorces where women end up poorer than men, after all the housework and childrearing that women do on top of a full time job, WE STIILL ACT LIKE FINDING A MR BIG IS THE GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF OUR LIFE!! Bleh!

Hm. Why did I say "not going to see the movie either"...kind of implies you didn't see the movie and I didn't read your post.

Well, I think I meant I am not into the movie either and I am probably not going to see it.

You happily attached people. Bah!

As usual, I wrote a long, rambling blog entry about seeing the movie:


Yeah, from the beginning of the film I was wondering what part of Manhattan these women were living in, where the only non-white people they ever encounter are either maids or personal assistants. (Upper east side? I'm not that familiar with the area.) Jennifer Hudson's character was probably added with good intentions, but like most good intentions it just came off as ingratiating.

Thanks for the positive comments, but that entry really isn't Ready For Prime-Time. I could probably edit it and rewrite some parts so that it doesn't suck quite so much, but like I said, the topic is a little too time-sensitive for publication.

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