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Friday, June 20, 2008 

One of the People

I took the bus to work today. I meant to take the bus to work and ride my bike back home, but my bike sprang a leak. So I took the bus both ways.

I felt so urbane. So one of the people. I sat up front and chatted with the bus driver. He was a nice fellow who told me where exactly to ring the bell to get off at my building! Such a nice character. And all the riders were nice and quiet.

And then I caught the bus home. It was like I was in a whole different world! The first bus I caught had all these clear plastic bags filled with clothing. Some of the African riders got off the bus and took the some of the bags off. Some bags remained. Then I got to the transfer station. That was a mess. There were tons of people standing around. Some loitering, not very many on busses. And there were a lot of security guards strolling around making sure everyone stayed in order. There were a lot of hoodlum looking no job having youths. Many with babies and baby strollers. I quickly found my transfer bus, put on my sunglass, and listened to my music.

On the ride home, there was a girl who didn't look older than 16 with her baby and what I guess was her baby daddy riding the bus. The baby daddy was talking to this lanky rough looking guy who was talking about almost being charged with a felony. When we approached my stop, I went to the front and asked the bus driver what was the best stop to get off at (I plan to ride the bus all summer) and a nice lady said that she lived on my street and she would show me. How helpful! We got off the bus together and crossed the street to get into our neighborhood. As we stood in the median, I saw the brown squished package and smelled something terribly foul. "I wish the city would come and pick up this dead animal. It's been here for two weeks," my new bus companion said.

And that was my adventure on the bus today. Damn you George Bush and these ridiculous gas prices! The end.


I absolutely love the word hoodlum, and we should all use it more.

I used to take the bus when i lived in Ann Arbor/Ypsi/Chelsea area. I LOVED the bus people. I had lots of bus friends until I bought a car and went back to being a Car friend. So lonely in the car compared to the bus.

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