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Monday, June 02, 2008 

Has It Really Been 5 Years?

Baloo was sweet enough to come back to Notre Dame with me for my five year reunion. I can't believe I'm that old! It was a good time. Naturally the highlight of the trip was seeing Kipper. He's been hanging out in Indiana getting back to his roots or something. I'm not sure. I really try not to care. Other than that I got to see some friends I haven't connected with in ages, and friends who I mostly stalk on Facebook. I like how all my gay friends (yes there are gay people at Notre Dame) knew exactly who Baloo was just because they had successfully stalked me on Facebook. Good Lord I love stalking.

On Friday night, Baloo and I headed to the beer tent. Oh yeah, at Notre Dame, they have a beer tent that serves free beer from 9pm-1am. Then we went to the bar across the street, the Linebacker. We started out with our free drink - long island iced tea. Then I bought a round. Then Baloo bought a round. Needless to say, we were fairly drunk by the time they called for last call. Somehow we stumbled back to the dorm where I thought it would be an excellent idea to reconnect with some of the girls I lived in the dorms with back in college. So I went upstairs and grabbed one before she went to bed. I think I was so loud that I woke Vin up so she came out to investigate instead. Then Baloo and I went back to our room where we bumped uglies. Now, I know no one really wants to know about me and my steady bumping uglies. I mean, talking about sex isn't interesting unless it's anonymous and you steal something at the end of the night. But the reason I speak about bumping uglies now is because Baloo apparently blacked out. He 'finished' if you will, but he didn't remember anything happened the next morning. Fantastic! Kiki is back! If I would have known he blacked out, I would have stolen something from his wallet. Apparently he didn't remember visiting my friends upstairs when we came back from the bar either. I guess that's what Notre Dame drinking does to you.

On Saturday we took it easy and recovered from our hangovers enough to play some golf. I was really excited as I haven't played golf since last summer. I had the worst golf experience ever. Let's just say the Spirit of Notre Dame does NOT live at the Warren Golf Course unless you're an obsessive compulsive golfer. Now, in Notre Dame's defense, Baloo didn't make things easier by wearing flip flops to golf. But still, it was Reunion weekend and we were there to have fun.

I wasn't having an easy time on the course so we let a total of three groups play through since I was so slow. Every group we let play though was very appreciative and very nice. The golf ranger wasn't so nice. He came by while I was teeing off and spoke to Baloo. Apparently he very condescendingly told Baloo that we were being very slow and we should let people play through. Apparently the Warren golf carts have GPS so they computer on board tells you how many minutes behind play you are. If it hits the yellow, speed up. If it hits the red, skip a hole. We were consistently three minutes behind the group in front of us and never hit the yellow warning. I was so angry and naturally I played even worse. However, Baloo was wonderful and cheered me up, letting me know that we were just out there for fun, and we wouldn't let some cranky old man ruin our time. And we didn't.

So yeah, that was Reunion. It was fun. I got to see a lot of people and Baloo and I got to hang out. A good time was had by all.

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