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Thursday, May 22, 2008 

Ok, We Better Update

I feel like I need to give a better update. I have been gone for a while.

Baloo and I are doing very well. He started his new job about a month ago and he's doing very well. I'm very very proud of him. He comes home just about every day telling me some story of how he excelled at work. That makes me so so happy. He still hasn't moved to Ann Arbor so he's commuting just about every day. I haven't pushed the issue that he should move because it is nice to see him several times a week. But, I know that he'll eventually move. And I'm ok with that too. Because Ann Arbor is a great city and it'll be nice to have a bed to crash in when we do fun things down there.

I think that's really all the update that I have. I have a lot of travel plans this summer that I'm getitng hyped about. Not only is there Tokyo, but there's ND next weekend for Reunion, San Antonio and Dallas for 4ht of July, and possibly Toronto.

I hope to have more to write when more happens. But as it stand, it's nice to have some peace and normalcy in my life for a while.

sounds like you are having a life! dang. where do i get one of those?

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