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Monday, May 26, 2008 

Return to Nature

Baloo and I had a wonderful time in the woods this weekend. We drove 3 hours west to Lake Michigan at Manistee where we met up with about 20 of Baloo's friends and went camping. I've been camping before. It was actually a graduation requirement at my high school. However, I didn't enjoy those trips as much as I enjoyed this one. I think the addition of alcohol was key!

It was a really good time. I'm beginning to like Baloo's friends a little more. We didn't do much besides drink and tend to the camp fire. I accompanied the boys on a frisbee golf tour where I fell in love with the moss on the forest ground and had to pick at every little bit that I found. On the tour I also got to frolick a bit on the beach by myself. It was rather cold and windy, but it was nice to sit and listen to the waves.

The next day the entire group went out to the beach because it was much warmer and we threw around frisbees and footballs and just hung out. Later that night Baloo and I took a sunset walk on the beach. How cliche! But it was nice nonetheless.

I'm sorry but camping is such a white folks thing. Not that I didn't enjoy myself. I had a wonderful time. But i have never had any of my black friends get together to rent a campsite and spend a long holiday weekend not showering and peeing in the woods. But like I said, it was fun. And in all reality, anything that involves drinking is just fine with me.!

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Oh God. Flashback to freshman year. The wildness trip. Anxiety. Panic attacks. Nightmares. That "graduation requirement" scarred me in more ways than anyone will ever know. Mr. Lutkin, I'll see you in hell!

I like moss too! I read a book by a woman who studies moss and was going thru a divorce. (weird combo). Anyway, one of the things i remember is that there are some moss which can turn from male to female or female to male as needed.

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