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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 

This is What I've Been Up To

Hi Children (yes, y'all are all my blog children)! How is everyone doing? I'm fine. Just been hella busy. Grad school is kicking my ass, but I love it so much. It's like an abusive relationship. Grad school only beats me because it loves me. And I stay with Grad school because I probably did something to deserve that beating in the first place.

But seriously, I think Grad school is the best confidence booster. Just make sure you go for something in the liberal arts field. I've had 3 assignments so far this semester and I've made A's on all three. It's great. It's like you get an A for effort. And that makes Grad school that much more enjoyable. Sure, I stress out because there's a ton of reading that I can't find the time to do (I'm working full time and going to school part time) but the subject matter is something I'm really passionate about. I have 2 papers due at the end of the month, and one paper I'm actually so excited about I don't think I'll be able to limit myself to 20 pages. Yeah, I'm a HUGE nerd like that.

I had a weird dream last night. I was at a company with my co-workers and the company put out a lunch buffet for us. I put a few things from the buffet on my plate, and as I did so, the servers brought out more food. Well, I put my plate down to investigate the new food, and when I did, someone stole my original plate. This kept happening for the duration of the meal and I didn't eat anything (which isn't a bad thing). When I told Kipper, he said that it sounds like I should be happy with what I have and stop looking ahead and planning things and enjoy the moment. I think Kipper is a selfish know it all who should just stick to being gay and not try to be Dr. Phil! (Not really. I value his opinion. But how weird was it that I had such a deep and thought provoking dream. That's not like me.

On the Baloo front, things are going surprisingly well. We've settled into each other and things are pretty fantastic. We did have two hiccups I want to tell everyone about. The first involved TGiving Day. Apparently his whole family goes to Chicago and spends TDay with cousins, aunts, uncles, the whole bit. Well, I wasn't invited and I got pissed. At first Baloo said the he's never invited a girl to TDay and I pointed out to him that his other girlfriends had families in the area so they had their own things going on for TDay. He then said that he didn't want to subject me to 5 days in a cramped house in the suburbs of Chicago. I told him that he could have just invited me up for the day. I could have driven or taken the train. I was mostly disappointed that he didn't discuss any of this with me to find out what my plans were. My traditional TDay includes me with a bottle of red wine and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (3 years going strong!). I was sad that I wasn't included and we talked about it and he finally got the message. He invited me to take the train up for the day to spend with his family, but by that time it was too late. I'm slowly forgiving him, but I was pretty hurt by his thoughtlessness.

Then the second thing in Baloo world was apparently my fault. See, I'm a pretty blunt person. I speak my mind and I don't hold back. I tend to hold back when people's feelings are at bay, but that's not always the norm. I told Baloo that I'm going to be looking for overseas jobs after grad school and I asked if he would join me. He said that he most likely would. Then I told him that I don't believe in living in sin. And I know what y'all are gonna say. Wait Kiki, y'all spend the night at each others houses, but you don't believe in living together? Yes. That's what I believe. It's a me thing. Just deal with it. And then I apparently made the biggest mistake I could have ever made (according to Kipper). I asked "do you think we'll ever get married?" Now, you have to understand. I don't like to mince words. If I want an answer to a question, I ask the question directly. Kipper chided me and told me I should have asked "where is this relationship going?" Oh well. I know for next time. But Baloo responded 'possibly' and I'm pretty satisfied with that answer. At least I put it out there and he knows my position on living in sin so we'll see what happens. And if not, I always have an overseas job to look forward to with lots of foreign men! It'll probably make better blog material anyway.

So that's what's been going on, kiddies. Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll try to update more frequently in the future.

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The big relationship question. It totally freaks them out when you say the M word. Your friend Kipper is right, just approach it with the "where is the relationship going?" Whitey and I are doing a lot better. One day at a time...we will get through this rough patch.

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