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Friday, February 02, 2007 

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday I turned 25. I don't feel a change, yet. Maybe I'll feel a change when I rent a car and have a lower rate. Let's go through the series of events.

At midnight I received my first birthday greeting. I established a precedent on Baloo's birthday this past October. You can't get birthday nookie until after you've had the dinner and opening of presents. So, since I couldn't get nookie at midnight, Baloo tucked me in to bed (yes, actually tucked me in) and went home so I could spend my birthday morning well rested. And I needed it too. Because I had a meeting at 8:15 a.m. the next morning. Bastards! Being a grown up sucks.

After my meeting I went to the pharmacy where they asked my date of birth. 02-01-XX I said. Then I added, "Oh yeah! Today's my birthday!" I had totally forgotten.

Baloo later called me at my exact birth time (once for EST and once for CST) and wished me Happy Birthday again and then Daddy Kiki called at CST to wish me happy birthday and listen to me open my present. Although I had my present in my possession for a full 24 hours before my birthday, I'm not allowed to open presents until after my birth time. I know it's a silly tradition, but it's our tradition and I never cheat. Daddy Kiki got me a great pair of red leather gloves that I'll have to return for a bigger size when I go to Detroit tomorrow.

I was so excited to go home. Baloo took me out to dinner at Beggar's Banquet. It was nice because we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. He was acting weird the entire time and he admitted that he was a bit nervous about my present. It was very endearing. We had a fantastic dinner. I had Maple Dijon Pork Medallions with broccoli and yummy mashed potatoes. Baloo had the King Crab, and we had chocolate mousse for dessert. Then came present time. He prefaced the gift giving by telling me that when I open the presents, know that he was not trying to change me. He got me a silver bracelet that was hand made by an artist as well as matching earrings. Both with black pearl accents. Now I know why he prefaced the giving. He always remarks that he wants to see me in silver jewelry and I only wear gold. So he got me something silver for both of us to enjoy. And I love it.

The only thing I asked for on my birthday was a bubble bath. Baloo didn't think we'd be able to do it because he's too big to fit into my tub. (In his defense, it's a tiny tub. I only fit in it cause I'm a tiny person.) But Baloo came through and I had my first bubble bath in at least a year. It was great.

I had some trepidation about having my birthday with a boy. The last time I was dating a boy during my birthday, I was turning 22. Smitty for some reason couldn't celebrate my birthday with me so I went to Chicago and hung out with Kipper and his sister and brother-in-law and some of our friends. It was such a fantastic time. And Smitty called me the day after my birthday with a rousing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" He didn't realize he was a day late. So when Baloo came through like he did for my birthday, I really felt special. And it made me even more proud to be with him.

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We did totally get sissy and ryan to go out to that club with us on your birthday. And we got a special table too! Wow, that seems like it was at least 3 years ago now...

Well it sounds like you had a fantabulous birthday and that baloo pulled through with flying colors. YAY

Ohhh! I like it a lot! I would wear it and I'm a jewelry nut. He has good taste. Baloo is such a sweetie!

a) Love the necklace.

b) now that you're 25, do you have to change the tagline of the blog?

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