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Saturday, December 16, 2006 

Christmastime is Here

The office party was a blast and Baloo was a hit.

Our office Christmas party was Friday after work. I was excited because we had it at the office instead of going out. We had dinner catered in to the conference room (we have a huge, nice, elegant conference room, so it wasn't like it was stuffy or anything) and then we went to the Kenny Loggins' concert. Don't ask. Bossman was nice enough to pay for everything so there was no reason to complain. Baloo had a beer before hand and everyone loved him. I won't go into details because I still won't talk about work, but it was a good time and he socializes very well.

The concert was interesting. Kenny sang the theme from A Charlie Brown Christmas. You know the one, "Christmastime is Here." It was the most depressing rendition I had ever heard. It was so slow and so sad it made me want to kill Santa. He also sang "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" with no expression whatsoever. I do believe Kenny Loggins was high. Some of the younger kids weren't into the concert at all so I made sure to embarrass them by trying to convince them to sing along and dance to the tunes. They all got a laugh out of that. They ended the evening saying I was the most entertaining part of the night. I do aim to please.

After the concert Baloo and I decided to go home and change and then go back out. However, he wanted me to keep on what I was wearing while he got a little more comfortable. I guess I should describe my outfit. I wore a pretty black silk shirtdress that buttoned all the way to the neck with ruffles. It was short so I wore a pair of thigh highs and a garter. Baloo caught a few glimpses of the garter throughout the evening and insisted I continue wearing that outfit when we went out to the bars.

The bar was interesting. I wanted to go out and dance so we decided on Rum Runners. The Rum Runners in Lansing has 2 levels. The top level has the piano bar and the bottom level is like a dance club. There's a dance floor and they play a lot of hip hop. The bar had a pretty good mix of people, but let's just say that the guys were less than savory. At one point I leaned over to Baloo and whispered that I was so glad I'm not a part of the Lansing single scene because the pickings were slim.

And this is how I know I really like Baloo. Baloo is a typical white guy. However, he was totally confident in his dancing ability and I didn't tell him otherwise. I totally grinded up on him during the booty shake songs even though he was way off beat. And he also wanted to yell above the music the entire time we were at the bar. I could tell a lot of people, both guys and girls were looking at us wondering how the hell we ended up together! It was a hoot. But I had a great time and I think he did too.

So this morning, I get a phonecall from Bossman. He had a funny story about a co-worker that I won't repeat here because it's just too embarrassing...but hilarious to me and him. He ended our conversation by saying that he was impressed by Baloo and thought he was a very nice young man. Bossman sometimes likes to look out for me since he has 2 daughters on his own and he knows Daddy Kiki is too far away to keep an eye out on me. It made me happy to know that Bossman approved.

And that's how I spent my Friday night. I just put some cookies in the oven so I hope they'll be warm by the time Baloo comes home from hanging out with his friends.

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These young kids nowadays. They just don't how to cut, how to cut, how to cut footloose.

That's great. (-:

Aren't you still too young to be calling people "young kids"?

Merry Christmas, Sista!

Just remember, there's a McFlippish bootyshake waiting for you up East!



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