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Saturday, February 10, 2007 

Drunk Black Girl

Baloo is out playing with his friends today. I couldn't be happier. I really enjoy my 'me' time. This way I can wake up at 8A on a Saturday morning and plan my day. Today includes buying my daddy his Valentine's Day gift and pricing painting supplies at the local home improvement stores. Seeing the wonderful job that Kipper and Dave did on painting their bedroom has given me motivation to finally paint the guest bedroom. We'll see how long this motivation lasts. Did I tell you that I went rock climbing last weekend? Here's photographic proof. As you can tell, you can't really make out my face so things are still pretty anonymous! It was fun. Baloo is a real adventurous person and he's been rock climbing for years. Last weekend he invited me to join him and it was fun. I started out bouldering which is climbing on little rocks with no harness. That was scarier than the harness, in my opinion. But I was determined to do a good job and I mastered the easiest boulder climb in the gym. Next we went on to the harness. I had to learn the knots to tie and tie myself in and off I went. The first time I went up, I made it over 1/2 way up the wall before I got scared and told Baloo to let me down. The second time I went up I made it all the way up the wall. I was so proud of myself. After my climb, I held the rope for Baloo. That was fun. Basically I had to be attached to the floor of the gym because my weight would not have been able to sustain Baloo's if he 'fell'. So when he did have some announced falls, I did a good job of not letting him die, but at the same time, my body was lifted into the air and thank goodness for the attachment to the floor, because each time, I went flying! And one last thing. I got the following email this week:
I bet someone that I could find their name on Google by typing drunk black girl in the search box. I lost the bet, but found a blog you wrote. I believe you have enormous potential as a writer if you desire to do so. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your material. Anyways, have a good one, and stay warm up there. I wont rub it in and tell you how nice it is down here where I am. Peace and chicken grease, B..
Apparently this person typed 'drunk black girl' into Google and stumbled upon my blog. Well I tried it myself and apparently I'm entry number 32. Who knew?! Well, I aim to please. Everyone have a good weekend!

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