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Monday, September 18, 2006 

Well At Least the Cowboys Beat the Redskins

I always hate the few days following a trip back to Notre Dame. This time for two reasons. One because we lost and I have to face my co-workers. Two because I realize how much I miss my friends…and college a little.

This is also the time that you get phone calls and comments on your Myspace and Facebook pages. People let you know about that dumb thing you did when you were drunk that you didn’t remember. You can look at your photos and the photos of your friends online. It’s like a regrouping. Everyone gets together to tell their version of the night’s story and all of a sudden the whole picture comes together. And it’s embarrassingly wonderful.

I also didn’t realize how much I missed my friends. I like to take the day after my trip to fantasize about what if. What if I married one of the guys in our group. Then I could really become part of the group and not just the little sister who hangs out occasionally. (I am still mad that I was wrestled!) Besides they’re all brilliant and our combined earning potential would be great and get better as we further ourselves in our careers. And their moms like me. I could really pick anyone of the boys. They’re all winners. But eventually that fantasy ends as the time between our last visits grows. I’ll start getting busy with work and school and new boys (hopefully) and the football season will end and the winter takes over and there won’t be any excuse for any of us to get together.

Well at least not until the Bowl Game! (I refuse to give up hope now.)

i ruined you for all other men.

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