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Saturday, September 09, 2006 

Even I'm Surprised at the Level of My Game

I got my hair done today. Even though Fetsby didn't get what he wanted from me last night, I called him and told him I wanted him to come over and look at my hair. He said he'd come over after the MSU game. He had some friends who were parking at his house. He was going to have a couple of drinks with them and then they were going to walk to the game. Cool.

Fetsby came over after the game as promised. He complimented me on my hair and told me he had a present for me. Of course I love presents. He produced a yellow necklace that I have provided a picture of. He told me that the necklace belonged to his grandmother. I'm skeptical. It better not be any costume jewelry. Part of me wants to go and get it appraised. However, I'm also lazy so I'll take his word for it that it's valuable.

Of course I squealed with glee and I allowed him to lead me down to the bedroom. Oh poor man. He didn't know what he was in for. For a week now Fetsby has tried unsuccessfully to do me. He must have thought that if I got a present I would cave. Dumb man. Since he hasn't gotten the results from his AIDS test back, he suggested we do it with a condom. Well, in all reality I don't want to do anything with him at all so I said that I want our first time to be 'special' and it wouldn't be right for him to just hit it and leave. Ha!

The man actually begged. I'm not kidding. I've never been with a man who has actually begged for sex. I didn't think it was possible. He told me that if I didn't cave, I wouldn't get any more presents. I told him that was ok and proceeded to put my shirt back on. He didn't think I would go that far so he actually begged for me not to go...while I was in my own bedroom. Sigh. How sad. I think it's funny that he thought just because I received a gift I would do something to make him happy. Doesn't he know that I care only for myself?

He ended up leaving unsatisfied. I got to keep the necklace. He thought he left his cellphone in my house so there was a brief search for it before he left. He called me when he got home. He left his cellphone at home and had missed a call from the guys he let park at his house. He was supposed to go out with them after the game. They called him...but didn't leave a message as to where Fetsby should meet up with them.

It was then that I realized who Fetsby is. Was there a kid in your high school who was a little more better off than some other kids but still socially awkward? He had a cool car and his parents let him throw parties at his house. But the only reason you were friends with him was because he would occassionally let you drive his cool car or he'd buy you lunch just to fit in with the cool kids? Fetsby is that guy. He's the guy who throws all the parties. You go to his house without bringing a gift and drink all his liquor. And he thinks that because you showed up, you're his friend and he's popular. He buys me things to make me happy thinking that I will do things for him. But instead I'm just like everyone else. Taking his generosity because he doesn't know how to socially interact in the real world without begging for people to like him. It's kinda sad. Oh well. I did get a new necklace. Yay for me!

Sweet Mary, you're a demanding tigress! I should really take lessons. Maybe I can deny PJ until he (at least) takes out the garbage.

you're a MEAN girl. a mean girl.

Girl, I am so proud of you! Most girls would've caved under the pressure of receiving a gift that was a family heirloom. You know you've got him by the balls when you can send him home unsatisfied and still keep the gift.

Your self respect isn't worth the price of a necklace! I consider you a role model!

Mmmmm ... jewelry .... ;-)


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