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Sunday, September 17, 2006 

All of This Happened in Less Than 24 Hours

The best way to tell about the events from this weekend is to start from the beginning.

I got to campus at about 8:00 a.m. I generally like to get to campus early in order to miss all of the traffic. I met up with T and her boyfriend and we started hitting up the tailgates. We hit a total of 6 tailgates. It was madness. The craziness for me began when I ran into my boys who lived in the dorm next to mine in college. These guys are incredible. First, they're all attractive. Second, they're all genuises. These guys are aerospace engineers, rocket scientists, attorneys, and med students who are finishing med school a year early. Third, these guys are rockstars when they drink. Although I had seen one of the guys in Indianapolis last month, I hadn't seen the rest of them since college. It was awesome. They complained that I'm the one girl that they hadn't hooked up with and questioned that. I have a firm rule about my boys. These are guys I know would have my back no matter what. Therefore it's just really weird to hook up with them. They're like my brothers. Therefore it's hands off!

After drinking with the guys I stopped by Marcia's tailgate where I had a beer and met her husband. I haven't seen Marcia since Soph. year and she was her usual stunning self.

After Marcia's tailgate I went to Coaches (I refuse to call the bars by their new names. Coaches will always be Coaches and not Benchwarmers. Just like The Library will always be known as Finnigans to me.) to meet up with the Knott boys. But this time we were losing pretty badly so Beck and I took a walk to the drugstore to get some asprin. I think this would probably mark the beginning of the end.

After returning to the bar we all left shortly after. I was supposed to leave to come home during the middle of the 4th Quarter. But I was much too intoxicated and having too much fun with the boys to make the 2 hour drive home. One of the guys we know still lives in town so he let me crash on his futon. Sweet. Now I had a place to stay and people to drink with.

We headed back to the apartment before heading to the bars. I'm not sure how long we were there or what we did. I do remember being thrown to the ground and wrestled in front of everyone. Yeah, one of the guys thought it would be classic to wrestle me. Now normally I would consider that a turn on. However I was taken off guard and he was using actual wresting moves. That's not sexy. After putting me in three different holds and me repetedly yelling 'Uncle' Beck finally let me up. I also have rug burns on my knees from the encounter. Of course everyone joked later that my rug burns were a result of me 'being on my knees'. You know where I'm going with that. Yep. They really treat me like one of the guys.

After regrouping we all went to The 'Backer. It was about 10:00 p.m. I'm not sure what all happened there. After receiving a phone call from Kipper this afternoon, I was told that I called him and yelled to the entire bar that I wanted to have sex with my gay best friend. And something about gay guys and black people. I don't recall. I think I also may have incited a fight. I don't remember what was going on but I was talking to someone when all of a sudden some random guy had his hand around the throat of one of my boy's! It was kinda scary cause my boys may be smart and fun, but they're not fighters. According to drunken accounts apparently the agressor was talking shit about me (I don't recall that at all) and my boys came to the rescue. Then they almost got their asses kicked. Like I said. My boys rock!

A night at The 'Backer couldn't be complete without someone breaking something. This time one of my boys broke my camera. He was sitting in a folding chair and I asked him to take a picture. Without warning his entire body just propeled itself forward and he fell on his hands and knees and my camera. The funny part was that he was so drunk I don't even think he realized he fell at all.

After the camera incident and the fight, we all decided it was time to go home. But not before getting some grub. We stopped into Domino's and ordered a pizza and breadsticks where I continued to terrorize the customers and employees. I don't remember what I said but I'm sure it was inappropriate and obnoxious. Beck didn't even remember that we went to Dominos.

On the walk back to the crash pad, Beck, who was in charge of carrying the pizza proceeded to eat the entire pie. By the time we got to the apartment there were three pieces left. Classy.

We all passed out shortly after. When we woke up we surveyed the damage. My camera was still broken but I had all my credit cards so I didn't lose anything. Kinder somehow busted open his big toe and it was pussy and black. He didn't seem to care. And we were missing an entire order of breadsticks. There wasn't even an empty box. I'm thinking we may have eaten the box.
So a good time was had by all. Even though we lost I got to hang out with my favorite guys in the entire world. And it was worth it all.

Next Week: Michigan State game. Not only am I hosting but Kipper will be joining me. My goal is to not land in jail.

i notice there is no mention of ME not landing in jail, you selfish bitch.

i'm bringing the limoncello we made. it's pure vodka. the goals is massive drunkness.

and make reservations for dinner on friday night. dr. wave is buying!!! :-)

Hey, i stumbled on your blog and enjoy reading it. having spent several years in the 'bend (ummmm...across the street :)) I have to agree that it will always be Coaches and Finnegans! And who knew the Backer had a web site??

I'm so happy that we got to see each other! I'll email pictures soon.

And you and Kip made Limoncello? I saw how do make it on Everyday Italian with Giada diLaurentiis, but I haven't done it yet. Should I?

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