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Thursday, May 04, 2006 

Why I Am Who I Am

There’s a reason why I’m a slutfaced bitch (as one friend likes to call me). It’s because people are weird and I generally don’t like people. But today, Kiki let her guard down and decided to be nice and take the high road. It wasn’t pleasant.

I met Jake over a year ago at a fundraiser. He’s a Notre Dame grad so we had something in common. Although I wasn’t interested in Jake, he seemed like a nice enough person so I decided to not be judgmental and just be a normal, nice person. That was my first mistake.

Out of the blue, Jake called me this week and asked if I wanted to attend a luncheon with him. I didn’t think anything of it. A free lunch is a free lunch. Plus, there was a possibility that I could learn something at said luncheon. Turns out Jake was treating the luncheon as a type of date…I think. I’m still not totally sure. Please don’t ask me to a free lunch and turn it into a date. For those of you keeping track at home, I did not eat at the luncheon. You know I have a thing about other people watching me eat.

So I skipped out of the lunch early and Jake suggested we take a walk. I obliged because it was a pretty day out today, and I felt bad about blowing him off after a full 10 minutes. So we took a walk and had a very awkward talk before I told him I had to get back to the office. He asked me for my cell phone number and I gave it to him and he gave me a (somewhat wet) peck on the cheek before I took off.

Now, the reason I was extra nice is because Jake’s a person I work with. I may need him in the future. Therefore, I didn’t want to unnecessarily burn any bridges. However, non work Kiki would not have given this man the time of day. Sometimes I wish I could incorporate real world Kiki with work Kiki. But alas. Work Kiki will possibly need these people in the future so she chooses not to burn bridges. Therefore, any boy in Lansing who wants to try to date Kiki, I suggest going for Work Kiki. She’s much nicer. Work Kiki is such a punk.

Updated to add: I saw him less than an hour ago. He's alredy left me 2 text messages! Oy Vey!

Updated Updated to add: He just called me at the office. Twice!

Oh, La Kiki. He has mad love for you! Because you're hot shit and intelligent.

Please squash him like a bug and then tell us about it! It would be so fun.

This is not a promising start. I would let this one go with the whole 'You're-such-a-great-friend!' line. Wet kiss-ew!

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