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Friday, April 21, 2006 

An open letter to my friends

This is an open letter to my friends. Please stop being so successful. Please stop buying houses, getting fabulous jobs, getting married, and having babies. I can’t afford all the presents that I want to buy you to congratulate you on your success. So I’m begging. Please, for the next six months. Stop being successful. I’ll have saved enough money to resume buying you things again.

so is this a bad time to tell you i'm preggers?

Let's pray that I close Tuesday.
By the way...I am registered at Macy's for my housewarming...


Here's an idea ... give presents to the unsuccessful people. The people who are still in school, not having babies and not promising their lifelong devotion to other people. That way, you'd only have to buy ME a present!! Just a thought...

~ Roomie

Lol this is so true. I am totally at this age where it is all happening at the same time too. Damn all thier happiness :) Just kidding. Here from Michele's

I'd like kids to stop graduating and having birthdays too. At least until I can find a job and get back into life.
Here from Michele.

Hey, what other T is there? Aren't I the original? :O

~T (the one who's not married or having babies)

I completely feel your pain - I have six weddings to go to this summer!! SIX!!!!!!! I'm not cool with this.

don't you hate it?

people wedding. people sicking. people birthing. people birthdaying. i think we should protest this money-grabbing!

in the midst of hating and bitching, i can give you a good reason to come to chicago may 12-16th... ;-)

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