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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Today I discovered a lot of things:

1) I have again confirmed that I don't want children.

Today I went to an Ice Show at a local ice skating rink. When I went there the last time, I met a woman and she invited me to watch her skate. She failed to tell me that she was performing in the second half. Therefore I had to sit through an hour and fifteen minutes of children's performances. Some were really good. Others weren't. But I sat there thinking of how it's such a burden to have children. I bet most of those parents were as bored as I was waiting for their child to perform. Having to sit through that long program. In the cold. Granted, I'm glad Daddy Kiki did it for me when I was little and a figure skater. I just don't have the patience that he has.

And to top it off, one of the 'Silver Skaters' (think women over 50) fell on the ice before her program started and the EMS was called. So that delayed the program further. And my friend still hadn't skated. After she finished up I booked it to Meijer to buy a case of Blue Moon and went home and watched a movie.

But before I get to my Meijer story, let me tell you about my experience at a local eatery.

2) A few days ago I told you I went and got nasty bar food and gorged myself. Well I took a look at my bank statement this morning and saw that the amount I was charged for my food was different that the amount that showed up on my bank statement. $2.52 more. I figured I knew what happened. I have a policy about ordering take out. I don't tip unless the take out is delivered to me. The bar tender didn't do anything special by telling the cook what I wanted and then bringing my food out to me. She didn't fix me a drink at the bar. She never once talked to me. I used to work in a restaurant, so I'm not just being an evil bitch. If you don't do any real work for me, there's no reason for me to tip you. So, I thought the girlie just gave herself a little tip that I wouldn't notice. I called the bar and the manager was very nice. He asked me to bring in a copy of my receipt and bank statement and they would take care of it for me. I did. He offered to just give me the difference. I wasn't completely satisfied with this and told him I wanted to know why there was a $2.52 discrepency. After a lot of back and forth calling, he finally told me that there was a $2.50 fee for using my debit card as a credit card, and a $0.02 tax on that fee. I don't believe him. I'm waiting to talk to the owner tonight. If I don't get the answer I want, I'm blasting the bar on my blog. I've done it before.

3) And last, I saw that my neighborhood Meijer has these cute little shopping carts. They're new and I'm excited. Not so excited that I'll go to the market more...but excited still. And the first person who can tell me what's wrong with this picture wins my undying love. Well, not really. We all know I'm incapable of love.

I'm de-lurking for this...

You are in the baby section with a cart full of beer?

Or is it just that you're in the baby section period?

*Side note: I lived in Lansing for awhile, Saginaw and Detroit (where I grew up). So, it's nice to read a little bit from home.

On second thought, I can't blow up the pic but, I really hope this isn't the party supply section.

Summer wins! I was in the baby section. And what's wrong with that? I hate babies.

I'm so disappointed that none of my friends I know in real life didn't answer first. Tsk. Tsk. Thanks for reading, Summer!

Maybe we should all be a bit more concerned that summer evidently has nothing to do on a saturday night but post on mamma kiki's blog.

and the other problem with that pictures is that you have food in your cart. don't think i can't see that tombstone pizza behind your beer. i dont' recall that being a part of the red bull diet!

Pocket Kip-

Have mercy! I relocated to a whole new state, I don't know anyone.

Yay! I started an internet war! Fight till the death! Ohh..on second thought, please don't. Cause then I'll have one less reader....and we all know it's all about me.

yay for funky shopping carts. do they come in green? i have and love my kids but will admit that the baby section never did it for me either frankly. the booze isle is definately the way to go*
here via michele.

Thanks for visiting Kiki....

No signing up necessary for the BlogOlympics, pop in tomorrow and when you see the Training Camp post just play along :-)


am so jealous! those are cute shopping carts!

michele says hi! :)

Sitting through your child's concerts, recitals and performances kind of comes to you easily enough once you have kids. Or perhaps we just get good at looking like we're awake when sitting in a roomful of other parents and a principal.

2.50 charge isn't that unusual around here....

course everything comes with a charge here.
the water fountains are next

No fair!! They all got a head start - you know what I was doing this weekend. You ALSO known that I know how you feel about anyone under the age of 18 (oops, make that, anyone under the age of 21, hehe)!


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