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Monday, May 15, 2006 

How I spent My Weekend

This weekend was spent in Chicago with Jenn & Roomie. And it was a wonderful time. So, let’s recap.

Thursday Night
I drove out to Detroit to catch the bus. I took
Megabus. I suggest folks in the Midwest to take this bus because it is so cool. If you book your ticket in advance, you could get a $1 fare each way. I booked my ticket kinda last minute, but I still paid to go to Chicago $40 round trip. But before I get to that….

I got to the bus station about an hour early so I decided to have a beer and pass the time. I stopped in to the
Detroit Beer Company and the manager was such a nice guy. He introduced me to some of the regulars and even offered to have one of the security guys walk me to the bus stop if I felt unsafe (btw, everything was well lit and totally safe. Downtown Detroit is changing). While at the Detroit Bee Co, I had a beer called Baseball. It was quality.
From there, I parked at the
Detroit Opera House ($5/day) and headed off to Chicago.

The bus was cool. I expected it to be brand new but it wasn’t. It was old, but clean. There were college students, a family of 3, and a few single folks on the bus. Not sketchy at all. Everyone was polite and quiet. The only stops the bus made were 2 bathroom stops in Battle Creek and I think somewhere in Indiana. However, the bus did get into Chicago about an hour early. Thankfully Chicago buses run late night so I was able to take a city bus to Jenn’s place. I got in at around 5A.

After staying up all morning chatting with Jenn, I took an hour nap and then headed out to the city. It was cold and rainy all weekend so I just managed to make it to a few stores before I gave up and watched Divorce Court at Jenn’s place. She later called me and told me she took the afternoon off, so we went to
The Signature Room for lunch. After that we went to the ESPN Zone where we played arcade games, kicked ass at this football game, and then nearly kicked the ass of this pre-teen punk who stole our game of basketball.

Then we headed out to the
ND Happy Hour. Ok, I must say this. I love ND. Love the people, love the traditions…but there’s something about ND folks. So, Jenn and I roll into the Happy Hour. There were about 80 people there. And we talked to NO ONE. Everyone was in their own clique and everyone only talked to the people they came with. It was weird. And I’m a pretty gregarious person, but I didn’t get the vibe that people were looking to meet new folks. If I went there alone, I would have been so uncomfortable. Jenn did run into a Keenan? guy that we knew and he was very friendly and came over to talk to us when he arrived and before he left. Quality. Oh, and the Happy Hour was $20 for an open bar from 5-8. I had 5 mixed drinks. I wanted to get my money’s worth.

After the Happy Hour, AJ finally arrived. We headed off to
Luxbar and then Tavern on Rush. The details are now getting a bit fuzzy. I met these girls at Luxbar, and we ran into them again when we went to Japonais after Tavern. I’m just gonna say that it was a great time. I was plenty drunk and I don’t remember many other of the details. I didn’t meet any boys although I was in the best condition to meet them. Jenn & AJ didn’t have as much to drink because they thought they’d have to look after me and were afraid I was gonna puke. Oh girls. I’ve been doing this way too long to puke after going out. Remember. I’m a drunken PRO!

After drinking a gallon of water directly before I went to bed, I awoke at 7:30A and made everyone get up at about 8:30A. We looked for good lunch places and planned our day. We wanted to go to the
Beer Fest at 6P and didn’t want to head back to Jenn’s apartment as she lived on the opposite side of where we were going. So we had to carefully plan a day that would allow us to be out without having to head back home.

We started with lunch at
Webers. Although we were starving, we were all good girls and only ate ½ of our burgers. Being the good Samaritans that we are, we wrapped up the rest of our food and decided to give it to homeless people we met along the way. Apparently homeless people don’t live near Navy Pier, and after an hour of carrying around the food, we had to eventually throw it away.

After Webers, we headed to the movies. We were early, so we headed to
Lucky Strike and had a drink at the bar while we shamelessly flirted with the bar tender. He was from Iowa, got a full (science) ride to some school in Minnesota, went to med school, dropped out cause it was too overwhelming, and has just started chiropractor school a week earlier. He told us that he was working the bar till 2A and we told him we might come back to visit him.

We then headed to the movies where we saw
Thank You for Smoking and AJ fell asleep! (Some things never change!)

After the movie we went to Navy Pier for Beer Fest. Beer Fest was ok. Basically it’s this huge convention center with kiosks with different beers. Unlimited. And you get a tiny cup and you can get as much beer as you like. We ran into some ND folks that we know very intimately and it was a good time. I’m not going into details b/c I’m really not sure who reads this blog, and I’m not sure if people are posting pictures from our weekend. Not that any of the pics are bad, but I like to stay as anonymous as possible.

The girls and I left the Beer Fest early and headed back to Lucky Strike to see if I could run into my bartender. He was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t really feeling the crowd there so we went home.

So, for those keeping count at home, I got totally wasted Friday night and didn’t even find one boy to make out with the entire weekend. So I’m an asexual drunk. Good to know.

Updated to add:
Here is a picture of Nemo. While walking to lunch on Saturday we heard an odd pitter patter. Turns out Nemo was wearing shoes. I got very excited and asked Nemo's human if I could take a picture. So, this is Nemo.

This is a picture of a girl who thought it was appropriate to feed her dog scraps. We were sitting in a little Nordstrom's food court. I didn't hide the fact tha I took a picture of her. I even hissed a little too.

1. Thanks for the ass shot with the Nordstrom dog. One word: CROP! :-p

2. I was tired!! I only dozed for a minute or two at a time during the movie. Plus, it was cold all weekend long, and I finally got warm and cozy - it couldn't be helped!

3. I knew you wouldn't puke. I've not witnessed that since.... well, you know, hehe. After 5 vodka tonics, a Heineken and about 6 hrs of planes, trains, buses and cabs, my drinking skills weren't up to par (not that they have been since school started, but thats a whole other story...)

4. That bartender was pretty hot ;-)

5. You know you missed me!

~ Roomie

no screaming that you won't sleep with men under thirty or who make less than $60k? no kicking kipper outta the room cuz you picked up a straighty in the gay bar?

whatever girlies. you just laid the bar for kipper to make sure this bitch gets WASTED and LAID at reunion in a few weeks.


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