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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Afternoon Delight

You know that scene in Dirty Dancing where Vivian is leaving Robby’s room after Lisa catches them in the act. And Vivian is all satisfied and stuffing her pantyhose in her purse? I kinda reenacted that scene with THM a few days ago where I definitely was carrying my pantyhose in my hand as I walked out of his house. And I thanked him afterwards.

I went to pay a visit to THM. Well, first I got locked in his bathroom. I had a lot of water at lunch and needed to pee. However, when I tried to exit the bathroom, the doorknob came off from the other side. I think THM was just trying to scare me when he tried several unsuccessful attempts to free me from the bathroom. I was thinking by the end of it all I was gonna have to climb out of the bathroom window. What would the neighbors have thought?! Fortunately he only left me in there for about 5 minutes tops before he found a way to get me out without embarrassing myself.

Oh yeah. And I got some. First time in since March. I rock. And if I play my cards right I may be able to get some tomorrow AND when I’m in Chicago this weekend. Well, maybe.

Good luck! Get it while the gettin's good! (However you spell it.)

i prefer that you only have drunken hookups. make THAT happen.

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