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Monday, May 08, 2006 

I'm Craftier than You

I had to blog this immediately. It was too good to pass up.

So I posted an ad on Craigslist. I was looking for a tennis partner. I had a guy respond and he wanted to know more about me. Being the ever crafty Kiki, I refused to give any details. If he wanted to know more about me, he'd have to meet me for a drink. So he chose today and he told me to meet him at 7 at Moriarty's. He asked me my name. I'm Kiki. He said his name was Harrison.

Moriarty's is a dive bar. But the patrons were drunk but jovial and the bartender was more than nice. I sat down in an empty chair next to a relatively looking young guy and ordered a Killians.

I knew this was Harrison. We didn't exchange pictures over IM. But he told me he was tan, hadn't shaved in 3 days, and would be clean since he was previously working in his garden. When he asked me to describe myself I told him I was 5'5. When he asked if I was black or white I responded, "All of the above."

Well, I sat next to the mystery man who didn't say a peep to me. I drank my beer and watched the Rangers game. He was constantly on his cell phone trying to solidify plans to see a Lugnuts game that evening. He never once acknowledged me. After a while, I asked him if he was in school (while we were chatting, he mentioned he was a student a Cooley Law School). The man sitting next to me told me he was a landscaper and his girlfriend was in her residency in med school. He was hoping to go back to school after she finishes up her residency. I could tell he was lying. So I stated "Well you better lock that down soon. Lord knows once she becomes a doctor, she might not want to support a landscaper." He grinned and took a sip of his beer. Then he mysteriosly disappeared. I later learned that he just moved outside.

When the bartender came around, I asked him if that guy came in often. Bartender said that he did. So I asked the bartender what the guy's name is. "Harry," the bartender said.

I'm guessing Harry is short for Harrison.

what the hell is a lugnut?

lugnuts is minor league baseball in lansing. get it. lugnuts. like a part of a car....a car that's part of the failing auto industry in this town.

Now that was good! What a wanker. He was looking for some Kiki lovin' and not a tennis partner. Good spy skills, girl!

i love this drama. i wish i could be as smoothe as you...

Hehe, that was funny. Quality story, Roomie.

~ Roomie

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