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Thursday, May 11, 2006 

Just My Luck

This week I got laid and got a ton of free stuff. I think I’m having the best week ever!

This afternoon I attended a ‘Meeting Planners Conference.” It’s basically a time where all these hotels and convention centers in Michigan get to showcase their facilities to get you to do business there. I used to do this in college. Even though I knew I wasn’t looking for a job at Liz Claiborne or Target or wherever, I would always go to the job fairs. Why? Because I would make up elaborate stories to get people to think I was interested in their company just to get free stuff. The trick is to not give anyone your business card. If you do, you’ll be getting more mail and phone cards than you want from these people. It paid off today.

First, I placed my business card in the raffle and I won an overnight stay at a golf resort. I also scored the following: a deck of cards, more candy than I need, a chip clip, a stainless steel coffee mug thingy, a pocket mirror with light…well I guess that’s really it. I think the overnight stay at the golf resort is really worth something because everyone was congratulating me on winning. Whatever. Oh, and I got a new travel bag. Sweet.

When I was in college, I would go and 'lunch' on the samples at Sam's club. Free cuisine, no?

Great to hear about your great day! Thanks for your support!

I started a new site, same design at www.divalv.blogspot.com. You should update your link and stop by!

i hope you threw away the candy. or at least gave it to children with juvenile diabetes.

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