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Monday, May 08, 2006 

A Few Things

1) Gotta Love the Brits. I went to Barnes & Nobel this weekend looking for some mindless magazines to enjoy while sitting out in the backyard. I picked up Women's Health and British Ideal Home. I was surprised to see this ad in British Ideal Home:

Now kids. What's unique about this ad? Well, you have a clearly black woman and a clearly white man in an intimate pose. There's no confusion here. No, "I think she may be black, or maybe she's just hispanic or puerto rican...." This is an obvious black woman with an afro cozied up to a white man. When have you seen that in an American ad?

2) I applied for a new credit card today. I only believe in having one credit card at a time so I closed my old account. My new card will give me cash back for the money I spend at the gas station. Take that, Exxon! Since my bank wasn't offering any incentives for me opening a new card (like an iPod Shuffle or a gift card to Home Depot) I made the lady give me anything free she could find. She came up with the coffee mug below and a pen. I took it. Hey, if the credit card company is gonna profit on my spending, I want something in return. Anywho, I called today to find out the status of my application and turns out I was approved for a limit of $10,000.00! Hot Damn. I immediately lowered that limit. I definately don't need to spend that much money ever and I definately don't need some ID theft person trying to rob me of that money either!

Congrats on your giant limit and your snazzy new cup. Good luck with Chase!

Oh, forgot, the Brits are waaaay cooler than Americans! They know what's up.

pocketkip thinks you should have kept your other card open, cuz even if you never use it, having a card for a long time is good for mama kiki's credit history.

and with all the cash - buy me something shiny!

Agrees with P.K.

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