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Friday, March 24, 2006 

Today Was Christmas for Me

This was originally written on 3/22. Bear with me, kids!

I hit the freaking goldmine today!

First, bossman said I looked nice. That could be because I come into work looking like a crackwhore most days. Today I had to decency to put on a suit. I do clean up nicely.

Second, I had to cancel some reservations after bitching to the manager the day before. I was able to cancel and everyone was nice to me. Probably because they now fear me.

Third, I called THM for our rendezvous tonight in Detroit and he said he was still up for it. I think this is the end of THM and me for a while. I decided that long ago. It was later confirmed when…..

Fourth, a boy called me! Listen kids, this is serious stuff for me. I haven’t had a boy interested in me in a long time. He called me at work. I was really thrown off because I rarely give out my business card to potential suitors. The secretary told me I had a call and she was suspicious because it sounded like he was on a cell phone. I was suspicious too and immediately thought it was Kipper. He sometimes likes to call into the office and pretend like he’s my doctor and tell them that the results from my AIDS test is in. Because he thinks it’s fun to spread rumors about me.

Anyway, I answer the phone and the guy seemed to know me. I had to ask him again who he was because I had no idea. Turns out he’s a guy I met in January at the Auto Show. He worked for a car company and we got in a discussion about why US Autos aren’t doing so well. I thought he was cute and interesting so I gave him my card and told him to call me if he ever wanted to discuss the issue further. Well, he called today. We had a nice chat. I was so nervous because I never take personal calls at work. Plus, the walls in our office are paper thin, and even with my door closed, I knew people could hear our conversation.

He asked me if I was single, how old I am, what I did for a living. He was very interested in my work. He told me he was 32 (yes! He made the cut!), and was a designer. Like he designs what cars should look like. So he’s a creative type. I don’t know how I feel about that. I gave him my cell phone number and cleverly told him that if he’d like to talk to me outside the hours of 8-5 to give me a call on my cell. I didn’t ask for his number. I don’t want to stress about whether or not to call him. Remember, this is the new Kiki. She doesn’t go to men. The men come to her!

it's true, people. nothing is more fun than to call in and pretend to be someone else to trick up mama kiki. it never gets old!

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