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Friday, March 24, 2006 

It's Over

Written 3/23

I’ve decided it’s over with THM. He doesn’t know that and I didn’t tell him. It’s just a decision I made. Well, it’s over with him until golf season. I need someone good to play with.

He really is a good man. I told him I was going to be in town last night and I told him where I was staying. Like a good boy, he planned accordingly and even ate dinner by himself at a place quite close to where I was staying so he could meet me as soon as I was done.

It’s a different situation with THM. I don’t ‘like’ him, but I do enjoy being around him and I like his company. I don’t think there will be any hard feelings between the two of us now that I’ve decided to bring things to a halt. We’ll just pick up where we left off a couple months down the road.

it's called 'friends with benefits', poodle. nice work.

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