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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

Just So You Know

1) Don't call me at 5P, tell me your flight was delayed and you won't be in until 10P and expect me to still be awake and ready to meet you for a drink. As much as I like a hot expensive meal and booze, I like my strict bedtime even better.

2) Don't be selfish and take a job in wonderful D.C. while missing my ultimate birthday/dungeon-warming/super bowl party. I will hate you forever!

This post is just a rant against Pocket Kip. I do have to say that I am extremely excited that he got a new job in happening D.C. Most importantly, I will have a cool place to visit, and I do think I can get a direct flight to D.C. from Lansing. I am disappointed that he won't be able to make my party. The sheer drunken playing in the streets won't be the same. I won't have anyone to freak dance with, make out with, and then confuse stragers when he goes to make out with cute boys. And that makes me sad.

However, I do have to say that I'm super excited that the rest of my friends will be in tow and we'll have a super wonderful time. And we'll send you pictures, Daddy Kipper!

Nikki, is your party the weekend before or after your actual bday?


it's true. i do deserve a public lashing for my selfish pursuit of the almighty dollar.

i shall forever be in your service, dear mamma kiki.

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