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Saturday, December 03, 2005 

A Brief Description of FLA and More adventures with The Shiny Couple

First some background: I met FLA about a year ago. He's some type of traveling salesman. I really don't know what he does because I really don't care. Last year he took me out to dinner twice. The first time nothing happened. Then he called and said he really wanted to see me again. I didn't go grocery shopping, so I felt it was a good idea. He took me to dinner and came back to my place. He tried to be sexy and suave, but I wasn't feeling it. I was full of expensive food and wine and I kicked him out. I was surprised to hear from him again.

Now, another installment in...

The Amazing Adventures of Kiki & The Shiny Couple

Mrs. Dr. called me last night. She and a friend were having drinks and she wanted me to join them. I was surprised. I got dressed and headed out. Mrs. Dr.'s friend was a hoot. Let's call her BJ. BJ worked with Mrs. Dr. and they'd been friends for a while. I kinda felt out of the converstation for a while because they talked about co-workers and such. Then BJ started talking about the frequency in which she gives her husband blow jobs (see how I got that nickname?). She said that she's really not into giving them and when she does she doesn't swallow. I'm so glad that this woman I met less than an hour ago is giving me such details. After talking sex for a while, I casually mention that I'm on the market, and if they know any single Dr.'s (notice I didn't say cute. Cause really, I can date an ugly Dr. We can just buy plastic surgery down the road). They mentioned a couple of Dr.s they thought were cute. At least I've planted it in their brain. I didn't think Mrs. Dr. would call me to go out, but I discovered she's a very sweet person.

So from our drink spot we went around the corner to meet up with Mr. Dr. and BJ's husband. I wasn't really having a good time, but I was glad that I had been included, so I decided to stick it out. I didn't drink much because I didn't want to be drunk two nights in a row. I know. It's not logical thinking at all. There was another single guy with our group. He was ok looking. A drug rep (hold on, I just had a tiny orgasm). I played it cool with him. If I play my cards right and stay on good terms with The Shiny Couple, I'm sure I'll run into him and his beautiful legal drugs again.

And to top it off, I'm talking to Smitty, Hot Bod, and ADD Tim again. Yes, I know that I should have learned my lesson. I shouldn't be digging up past lovers. But I'm gonna be smarter this time. Krazy Kiki is back. She's hot, she's skinny, she's rude, she doesn't really care about your feelings, and she'll do anything for a hot (expensive) meal and some liquor. And if you're real good, she'll even let you liqu-or too!

Damn it's good to be back!

Did someone say "serial dater"?

bring back Husky and Hotter Bod, too!

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