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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Exercise Cures All

So I got freaked out about the report that the patch is killing people. I read the article that Daddy Kipper sent me and the part that scared me was that "...the patch causes higher estrogen levels since delivery of medication continues all day. Those elevated levels may be high enough to increase some women's risk of blood clots..." If you remember from this post, my poison of choice is also something that delivers estrogen continuously. So, I called my Dr. to ask some questions. Turns out that my poison has one of the lowest estrogen levels on the market. Plus, I'm fairly active, don't smoke (that's the biggie) and within normal weight for my height, I should have little to worry about. There's about a one in 100,000 chance of me getting a clot. Not the best news, but not the worst either. The nurse told me that clots usually develop when the blood isn't flowing, so if I sit for long periods of time, to make sure that I get up and walk around at least once an hour. Of course, this just proves what I tell people all the time: exercise is key. Exercise cures everything! Got a cold? Exercise that mucus out! Got a headache? Run and work through the pain? Got cramps? Go for a jog.

So because I don't want to die of a blood clot, I will start exercising more. Because exercise = skinny. And my only quest in life is to be skinny. Oh, and rich. Oh and powerful. And feared...just a little. And how do we accomplish all of those things? With exercise.

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