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Saturday, November 12, 2005 


My friends are golden. They really are.

I put an early morning call into Tiffy this morning. I was lying in bed and my mind was racing beyond belief. Remember how I said things were going just wonderfully and smoothly with The Cop? That was just the calm before the storm!

The Cop called last night to vent and let me know that his brother and his brother's family (mom, dad, small child, two dogs) would be moving in with The Cop. The backstory: Brother's family sold their house before buying a new home. Now Brother's family has no place to live. Genius. I know. My initial reaction was: O.K. I guess it was something I could live with. The housing market is currently cooling down, but a man without a home would be motivated to buy quicker. Plus, I only get to see The Cop about 2X/week now anyway, so I could deal. But then The Cop added, "And they're thinking of staying till Spring." My reaction, "Wow."

Now, I'd say I did pretty well in the situation. If you know Kiki at all, I like to get my way. In fact, there is no way except my way. I would cut an old woman to get my way. Because I'm the only person who matters. So when Brother decideds to rain on my parade, I take offense. Yes, I know that neither one of us know each other, and he did not purposly sell his house to make me suffer, but the Kiki understanding of it all thinks differently.

That's when I had to call Ms. Tiffy this morning. She told me that the last thing in the world I could do is nag. Because this could easily turn into the situation that occured the last time. He has too much going on in his life and something has to go. That something could easily be me. So the best way to handle the situation is to be supportive, listen, and most importantly, don't nag.

Lord give me strength!

So it's good that Tiffy played pass interference on this one cause I was totally prepared to go off the handle on how he does WAY too much for his family and they tend to take advantage of him. When that is clearly his woman's job.

So y'all pray for me. It's gonna be real hard for me to hold my tongue on this one. But I'm determined not to bitch out. Fortunately I'm gonna start volunteering in town this season, so at least it'll give me something to do to take my mind off the situation. I'm sure this will be a developing story!

That's pretty bold of brother to do that. Maybe if it was just him, then it wouldn't be so bad. But his whole family ... and dogs too?!?! Has this man ever heard of rental property?

Good call, Tiffy. As sucky as the situation is, you DEFINITELY have to tread carefully around this one. You're little, you can pull it off :-)

- Roomie

Thank You! I told Tiffy the same thing. It's totally different if he were single and just moved in. But to move your whole family in is unbelievable! Thanks for understanding that.

Wow. I would never even think of doing that to someone - and all I have is a husband and an unholy amount of shoes! I don't even have any advice for you, as I'm so shocked. Maybe I will later.

pocketkips thinks the brother DID do it to spite you. and that voodoo dolls should be made.

i'm also worried about the fact that a pooch is moving in. that's the real problem. we ALL know how that's gonna turn out...


on the plus side, i guess it's more people to steal from when you to visit?

wow babycakes. that's intense. i've had to bite my tounge about how i feel like drew's family takes advantage of him. timing is everything, and even if you do choose to address your concerns on this topic... now isn't the time :-\

love you

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