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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Left Out

I hadn't talked to The Cop since Saturday. I was sick of calling him so I just stopped caring. He called me today at work to chat. Where has he been all this time? Drinking. So you know I'm mad. Not that he didn't call me. I can deal with that. I'm upset that he went out hardcore drinking and didn't invite along the Queen of Booze. No one likes to booze it up more than me - especially on a Monday night. And then to not drunk dial. That's the reason you have relationships. To always have that special person to call when you're so drunk you slur your words and you can't stand without assistance. The nerve of him!

So for him to deny me of alcohol and then a drunk dial...It's unspeakable!

(Ok, we know I'm joking...right?)

i think it's funny you threw in that caveat about joking.

cuz we all know you're the girl that passes out after a bottle of wine on any given night.

it's part of your charm :-)

not that there's anything wrong with that. gotta get your 700 calories somehow.

pish posh. i know GOOD AND WELL you're not joking. i feel the same way when my coworkers go to the late night happy hour @ palomino without me.

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