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Thursday, November 17, 2005 

All Right!!!....Not so fast!

On my surprise visit to The Cop this afternoon (I was in Detroit for a meeting) he happened to tell me that Brother and his family put a bid on a house. Yippie! No Kiki displacement after all!

The Cop called three hours later to say goodnight and also let me know that Brother got the bid on the house! Yay! Kiki is so excited! Congratulations all around!

But then The Cop tells me that Brother will still be moving in with The Cop for two months while they do some repairs to the house (drywall, grouting, whatever). They're doing the repairs themselves. They're not hiring people to do it for them. Actually, sister-in-law's dad is helping in the work. And how old is her father? 60! I swear they'll be living with The Cop till their baby goes off to college. And the icing on the cake: Conveniently, The Cop was volunteered to help with the repairs as well. The new house...it's 30 minutes away from where The Cop lives. So now, instead of his routine nap after a hard day of fighting crime, he gets to drive 30 minutes to BFE to repair a house. For free. While his family mooches off him. In all reality, I need to learn from Brother. It seems like he's got this mooching scheme down to an art. It seems that The Cop will do anything for this brother. I need to get in on this scheme. I need some extra funds to pay my mortgage.

I nearly lost my shit. The calm, supportive Kiki nearly went out the door. Then to top it off, The Cop said it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to stop by after work tomorrow (I usually spend the night at his place when I have to get my hair done on Sat. morning) because Brother doesn't get off work till 5P and The Cop will be helping Brother move into The Cop's house. Oh, and they don't want to move after work on weekdays, so they're planning on just doing little by little on the weekends.

This time I lost my shit. I remarked, "I don't see why Brother can't move after they get off work during the week. I did it when I moved into my house and I didn't have any help!!!" The Cop's response: "Well, my sister-in-law has a baby and two dogs so it's just tougher." In Kiki's opinion, that baby is her own fault. She should have thought about the burden of kids on things like moving and fun before she decided to pop one out! I think the sister-in-law is out to ruin my life as well.

The only thing that can cure this now is a glass (or a bottle) of wine. And then I'm passing out and going to bed. Ora pro meus!

um, what's Ora pro meus? you and your latin...

ahora, estan cocion con fuego!

and no, it's not tougher b/c there's a baby and 2 dogs. it's tougher because nobody wants to hire help. THAT'S what they're there for.

and what is it with people and multiple dogs AND children? they just WANT to make their life smell like turds, don't they?

ora pro meus = pray for me

nice throwback to the days working at M&B - ahora, estan cocion con fuego!

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