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Friday, November 18, 2005 

Thought about it

Ok. I've slept on it and I've thought about the positive things that came out of this situation:

1) Because Brother will be spending more time in The Cop's crowded house, maybe The Cop will spend more time in my empty house.

2) I didn't have to shave this morning since I'm not seeing him tonight.

Let me know the other good things that have come out of this situation!

3) Maybe when he feels bad about not spending so much time with you, he'll buy you something shiny!

~T :)

#3 - woman is fat because of baby. and kiki is not.

4 - He'll WANT to spend more time with YOU because his house if full of idiots messing the place up.

um. i dont know. i'm a pessimist when things dont go my way.

Uhhh ... maybe Brother will piss off the Cop, and he'll learn how to stand up for himself.

That's all I got - everyone else took the good ones!

- Roomie

Darling - are you still thinking? I selfishly miss your blogposts!

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