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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

Congrats are in Order

I haven't said anything about my girl's success, but since she's featured on the front page of the Dallas Morning News this morning, I think it's time to say something.

My former co-worker, Cossie, started her own magazine,
Y:L. The mag is like Seventeen or YM but it's focused primarily on black tweens and teens. Altho she likes mags like Seventeen and YM, she saw that young black females sometimes have issues and concerns that aren't addressed in those magazines. So she started a mag to deal with those issues. Cos called me last night and let me know her pic was on the front of the DMN and there was an article about her and her mag in the Texas Living portion of the paper.

So you, my reader (yes, I know that's singular), please check out Y:L. If you're in Dallas, there are a couple of newstands that you can pick up the physical copy from. If you're outside of Dallas, stop by the site and buy an issue or a subscription. Even if you're not black or a tween, you'd be helping an entrepreneur gradually make it to the top. And you can be proud to know you supported her when she was first making it!

i talked to quia on the phone once...

good times!


aw honeybaby, thank you for the phat shout :D

and thanks for the congrats kipper. kiki's stories still haven't scared me out of wanting to meet you.

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