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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

Black Man!

So I read this bit this morning. Basically there's this black guy who's running under the Republican ticket in Michigan for the US Senate seat. I don't really think the Republicans were really behind him, but it seems that he raised a lot of money and the GOP is supposedly trying to lure blacks and minorities to the party. Well, today, the Sheriff of Oakland County (read:Oakland County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country) finally decided to throw his hat into the ring to run against Black Man for the GOP nomination. You should see how fast the endorsements are dropping from Black Man. Now, I know what the Republican party is saying. You play to win, and if you really think that the Sheriff has a better chance to beat the Dem incumbant, well, you should naturally back the Sheriff. I totally understand that argument. I play to win too. But damn, it doesn't really make you look like the hero when you abandon the Black Man as soon as something better comes along. My undestanding is that many GOP whites weren't really all that excited about Black Man, so maybe they wouldn't vote. So, to not risk losing those strong white votes to gain new black votes, they'd rather get a stronger (albeit he just happens to be white) candidate to secure those loyal GOP votes.

But can you really blame the GOP? I mean, they did nominate a woman to be Supreme Court Justice, then threw he to the wolves and went with the sure win white male. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not defending the Ultimate Bachelorette. I seriously think I had more judicial experience than her, and some people have argued that I can't read. But I see a pattern. First, pretend you have a soul and thta you don't drink virgin baby blood by selecting a minority as a candidate. Next, ditch 'em and go with a sure win white male. Really, it's a win for everybody!

It's ok, Black Man. You can come back home to the Dems. I'm not promising that we'll treat you any better, but at least we're not blatant about it.

Apparently someone was on the same soapbox as me today. Read what she has to
say. (reg. req.)

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