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Saturday, November 05, 2005 

Got a Gun in my pocket

I went to Detroit last night because The Cop and I were supposed to go to the Johnnie Walker Journey of Taste. Basically it's a promotional drink fest where they let you taste scotch and give away prizes at the end. I RSVP'd and was looking forward to this night for two weeks. When I got to his house, he still wasn't out of the shower and he subsequently changed his clothes 3 times! So we were late. And when we got there, we saw an actual line outside the center where they were holding it. I held my tongue. I really wanted to go but there was no way I was gonna stand in any line. So we bounced and went to Agave instead. I was real excited to go. I had a margarita and we chit chatted over chips and salsa. I was proud of The Cop. He's usually not one to try new things, but he tried both types of salsa they brought us and he actually liked it. I like pushing him out of his boundaries like that.

Since we missed my event, I told him he had to plan the rest of the night. We decided to stay Downtown Detroit (since I had his gun in my purse) and headed over to Centaur. As we parked, we saw this homeless/crackhead man walking toward my car. I knew he was probably hustling something for a few bucks, but I wasn't really intersted in talking to the man. See kids, this is why I'm such a bitch. Whenever I'm downtown by myself, I always keep a pissed off look on my face. That way, when the homeless do approach me looking for money, I give them an angry look and keep walking.

Anyway, The Cop decided to at least hear the man out. He asked us if we had kids, because he had this pass to go see The Polar Express at the IMAX theatre. (Like, wasn't that movie released this time last year!?) So I remarked, "I don't like children. Don't you see how good I look? I'm not ruining my body with kids." And The Cop told him that he has nephews and listened to the guy's spill. I kept remarking that I had to pee so maybe the guy would just leave us be. The Cop told the guy he'd catch him when we left the bar. Then the homeless guy looked at us and said, "I'm not one to really say anything about interracial relationships....but I just get so mad when I see a fine sista like her with a white guy." To which The Cop responded, "You think she could do better, right? Yeah, I sometimes think that too."

Centaur was nice. It was real loungy and we talked and had one drink. We were going to go across the street for one last round, but it was getting late and he had to work this morning. See, I can be responsible sometimes. So we went home, he bought my gas for me (I was so happy) and that was that. He let me sleep in at his place when he went to work this morning. And I didn't rifle thru his shit or steal anything from him. I think he's training me well!

Oh, and I guess you're wondering why I had his gun last night. When his gun was in his pocket, you could totally see it, so I got to carry it for the night. I suggested we knock over a liquor store while we were out, but he said it wasn't a good idea. Whatever.

Oh, and I suggested a memorial for the dog. He was grateful that I offered but said it was a private thing, so I'm off the hook! I think I will get him a nice card tho, cause sometimes my soul isn't dead on the inside.

What the hell kind of world is it that my roommate gets to have temporary possession of a loaded firearm? That's scary...

... and props to the Cop for his cool reply. It's ok for black men to be jealous of him - he's got my Roomie on his arm. Sounds like he knows how lucky he is ;-)

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