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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

A Day in the Life

Nothing has really happened to me lately. That's why I haven't blogged. Please check out Kipper's new site on the right. That should hold you for some time.

I'm currently contemplating getting myself a digicam. I have about $130 in gift certificates from Best Buy. I was going to buy the camera for The Cop for Christmas, but I'm selfish and greedy and I want it for myself. Besides, I'm planning on getting him accessories for the laptop he has yet to buy like a wireless mouse, a wireless router, and a nice (non leather) laptop case. I've been reading this blog a lot. I actually was in this girl's Core class at ND but I doubt she remembers me. And I don't really have any identifying information on my blog. So I just read her blog. Cause that's normal. Anyway, she's starting to post pics on her blog and I feel that if I could take pics of my daily life, I'd have more to talk about. Imagine if I had my digicam for my bank story. Cause you know I'd be taking pictures of the crazies. I have no shame like that.

Speaking of The Cop...this weekend I helped him move the huge weight machine he bought down to the basement. He's really concerned about his weight (he's really not fat...just out of shape) so he's gonna start working out and taking supplements. Now this is making me all paranoid so now I feel that I need to work out too. I don't want to be the only soft one in bed. But that's not the story I was gonna tell. Back to the story.

So turns out The Cop is a lil bit of a pack rat and I saw some empty boxes down in the basement. One empty box formerly housed a pet casket. Yeah. I know. Fortunately I was at the top of the stairs when I saw it. I don't really remember my initial reaction, but I was shocked. Which brings me to my question: The pet passing anniversary is approaching soon (I'm not sure of the exact date). Should I suggest having a memorial service. I feel I should be the good girlfriend and do something that's totally out of my comfort zone just to make him happy. Hell, I feel like a better compromise would be me letting him do that thing in bed that I don't allow him to do. That would be out of my comfort zone. No. I think I will suggest a small memorial. Maybe I'll even take pictures.

how could I not remember Kiki?!?! I still have you on my buddy list, but I never see IM you... But you've now given me something to do tomorrow at work: read your blog! :)

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