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Monday, October 31, 2005 

Dirty Sex

They're doing construction outside my window. It sounds like dirty sex. Well, the bulldozers sound like this massive head banging against a headboard.

Just so you know, I started my 700 calorie diet again. I sometimes go on this diet to drop weight rapidly. I know it's unhealthy. Deal with it. At least I'm eating something at all. Anyway, the diet consists of eating 700 total calories/day. This time I'm adding daily pilates to the mix. Since I'm broke, I can't afford the gym for a while, so I figure Denise Austin and I could hang out at The Dungeon and do pilates. The goal is to be slim and trim (read: like Nicole Richie, with a tad more health and a tad less coke) by my birthday in February. So, at the time of this post I have eaten a banana, a fuji apple, a turkey sandwich, and a box of raisins. Total Calorie count: 788! Tomorrow something must be removed from this lineup.

J.Crew, stop taunting me with your shiny wonderfulness .

At least you went 700 calories after you had the Best. Mexican Food. Ever.

400 calories = 4 Low Carb Shakes
60 calories = 1 Vege broth
200 calories = Carrots
660 calories = TOTAL

I win the kiki diet for the day! YAY :-)

I'm glad we're so healthy.

Tsk tsk tsk ... I try my hardest not to judge, but as a future health care provider, I shake my head in concerned disapproval. And just a little warning - doing that for too long can decrease your BMR, so that you have to keep eating less and less calories to get the same effect. Anyway, we all know that anorexia is SOOOO last year... :-p

- Roomie

Boa sorte com a tua dieta...força e conseguirás !!!

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