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Friday, October 28, 2005 

Only 56 Shopping Days Left!

So I think I figured out who gets what for Christmas. You'll notice that friends are left out. That's right, bitches! I can't afford my friends. I did have a thought tho. What if I broke up with The Cop before Christmas so I wouldn't have to get him any gifts. I think that's totally appropriate. Solong as I get gifts from him and we get back together before New Years.

So here's the rundown for Daddy Kiki:

Rosetta Stone Software:

I've been getting him things to expand his mind lately. Last year I got him a model airplane that he's obsessed with. So this year I'm getting him software to learn Spanish. He used to take Spanish eons ago and I feel that if I stimulate his mind, he may just up and take off to Latin America or Mexico one day. And that would be cool.

Travel Case:

It's something he just needs. I wanted to get the Louis Vuitton one, but let's be realistic. The bag would cost more than my mortgage! (So maybe not more than my mortgage, but we all know I lie!)

Kitchen Art Pro Buttermate:
How could you not buy this for someone? It measures your butter!

Mango Slicer :

Again. What fun! A mango slicer. You know you want one too!

Earth, Wind & Fire CD:
Cause the man loves his classics!

Now on to the Man-Toy:

Wonders Among Us:
Yes, I know a book is a lame present. But when he took me to the zoo, he mentioned that he once saw this book about the history of the Detroit Zoo. And since he's a member of the Detroit Zoological Society and he loves all creatures great and small, I thought it would be a nice gesture. (and apparently Amazon doesn't sell the book so no cool pictures!)

Calvin Klein Underware:

Cause I need something for me. And I feel that when he wears it, he will magically turn into the man on the box. Right?

Laptop Case (non leather, of course):

He's getting a laptop soon and he'll need a laptop case. It's a practical gift. It's something he needs.
So I think I did well picking gifts. And I feel that since I at least know what I'm getting folks ahead of time, that'll take that much pressure off. Only 57 Days till Christmas!

you know those are my legs in the underwear picture...

I know. I took that pic when you were in the shower. You didn't see me. I'm quick like that.

why was i showering with my underwear on?

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