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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

I can rest assured I'm not in a family way

I went to the gyno today. Mainly to get a refill on my poison. I think it's bogus that they make you go to the Dr. just to get a refill. I guess they want to make sure your uterus hasn't fallen out. Frankly, I think I could live my life without my uterus.

So I think my Dr. is gay. Or at least a caffine addict. He was really entergetic but very nice and didn't have a ring. I didn't know what to think. I've always liked having a male as a gyno. I've never had a woman, but I feel that men are more gentle. They really don't know what it's like down there, so they try to be extra careful. And they tend to warm the insturments.

What I didn't like about my Dr. was toward the end of the exam. He was checking to make sure all my vitals were in place and at the end he says, "And this is your baldder. And if I apply pressure (he applies pressure) it makes you want to pee." I sat up extra fast. Ok, that's just a cruel joke to play on a woman who's in the most vulerable position she could ever be in and not being able to really enjoy it.

So now here's my PSA. I asked my Dr. to write me a RX for
Plan B. It's the baby killer pill. Well, it's the abortion pill. I read in a magazine that you should have the RX filled ahead of time so if you ever find youself in a family way (and that's not your intention) you don't have to run around town looking for a pharmacist with less morals than you to fill your Rx. You just say, "Oh my, I think I may be preggers and I don't want to be." You open your medicine cabinet, take your pill that you've filled in advance, and say a prayer that God doesn't strike you dead. Cause that's what I plan on doing.

i'm glad you're not preggers, poodle. can i knock you up this weekend?

I better double dose on the poison this weekend. I feel that every living ND Alum will be in SB next weekend. The Cop is a fool to not want to come and chaperone me!

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