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Monday, October 10, 2005 


Daddy thinks I'm crazy. Kipper thinks I'm bored. I think I may be a lil crazy too.

Daddy said he thinks it's cause of nature. That's his very polite way of saying I'm a lil like she who shall not be named. He better be glad I was still upset about the crazy thing I did. I let him slide on that one.

After telling The Cop that I missed him, I then picked a fight with him. I asked Daddy why I pick fights. His answer was maybe because it was nature. See above.

It was a stupid fight. It's not even worth mentioning. The worst part is I agreed with everything The Cop was saying. I just wanted to cause tension. And I did. Even after he tried to be nice and put it all behind us when we went to bed. Sweet dreams. Have a good night.

Last night there was just something in me that wanted to disagree. That wanted to shout out. And so I did so with a person who didn't deserve it. Just because I could.

I don't think of the consequences of what I do until after they're done. After I hung up the phone I wanted to call right back and say I'm sorry. But I didn't. Instead I had a weird dream about really soft toliet paper and a hidden stairway in a bathroom. Then I spent the entire day obsessing about how I'm mean for no reason and trying to find the root of my problem.

I need to go to therapy.

So now I'm lying on the couch watching UPN waiting till 11:00 p.m. when I can have the 17 minute phone call with The Cop and try to explain myself to a man who never deserved to be yelled at. That is if he calls me.

Best regards from NY!
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