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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

We are ND

So I take it that folks have been a little disappointed that I have not blogged in a while.

This weekend was the ND/MSU game. Yes we lost. It’s taken me three days to allow myself to say that MSU played a good game. Now, on to the drunken stories.

It was pretty much a tame weekend. Tiffy came up from ATL to visit. We finished a handle of vodka between the two of us. I got a ticket to the game. I saw tons of people including but not limited to Kipper, Frenchie, the PE girls. I was really excited to see the PE girls. It’s been a long time. I was disappointed that Roomie couldn’t come, but there’re always other games!

On Sunday Tiffy and I went to
the mall to go to The Apple Store among other things. I had totally forgotten about Old Man, and Tiffy suggested we call him. I wanted a free lunch…which he totally provided. I had given him Tiffy’s information in the past, so he was more than excited to meet her. We actually had a nice lunch. Tiffy and I were charming. Lunch went south when Tiff and I joked that we sometimes worked the corner and we charged different prices. What started out as a joke turned into a very uncomfortable conversation in P.F. Chang’s with Old Man listing several sexual acts and asking how much we would charge. The whole time I know he was wanting the two of us to start making out at the table.

After taking Tiff to her Aunt’s house in Detroit, I swung by The Cop’s house. I really had no intention to spend the night because I had a really busy Monday, but I brought some clothes along just in case. When we were at Chang’s we ordered some vegetarian stuff that I took home to The Cop. He was skeptical of the Tofu, but he really liked it. He didn’t eat the vegetables in the tofu because the man doesn’t eat vegetables. I know. Odd. We ended up watching
Crash. He wanted to know if I wanted to watch the movie downstairs or in the bedroom. I remarked, “Let’s watch it downstairs…I actually want to see this movie.” Because I’m a whore and I can’t watch a movie in bed with him without attacking him.

So that was my weekend. On Monday morning I drove from Detroit to Lansing for work and then back to Detroit 2 hours later for a meeting and then back to Lansing 2 hours after that to return to work. Phew!

I missed you too Roomie, and thanks for the blog. I was starting to into withdrawl :-p

several things:

#1 - i'm glad i was listed first
#2 - i also miss roomie!
#3 - i also have that problem where as soon as people get next to me they want nothing more than to sex me up.

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