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Monday, September 26, 2005 

Waiting for you to post is like waiting for your favorite show to come on, and then it gets cancelled for a golf match

Wow! People are actually reading my blog. And by people, I mean Roomie. I was royally disciplined this afternoon for not blogging. I’ll try to be more consistent. At least I’m not this guy.

Thank you for your concern about my dilemma. After consulting with a couple girlfriends, I decided to do the mature thing and talk to The Cop about me going out for a drink with Smitty.

I decided to ask him in person. It’s easier to gauge what a person is feeling when you can read their body language and facial expressions. I was in Detroit on Friday night. I was invited to a blues
concert by a lady I worked with a couple months ago. Anyway, it gave me a nice excuse to go and see The Cop after the concert.

It was nice to be over there and have nowhere to be the next morning. When I spent the night last weekend, we both had to get up early and get to work. But this weekend we got to just relax and chill and eat
Honeycombs & Kellogg's Honey Smacks with chocolate soy milk. It was before that that I decided to pop the question.

“So…I have a ….question to…ask you.” Fortunately The Cop is very patient. It literally took me a whole five minutes to spit out that one sentence. I told him that an ex-boyfriend emailed me and asked if we could go and have a drink. The Cop said nothing. So I continued telling him that I had taken the initiative and invited Smitty out when I first moved but he never took me up on the offer. Now that it was a convenient time for him, he wanted to do something with me. Still nothing from The Cop. So, I told The Cop, I wanted to put myself in The Cop’s position. How would I feel if one of his skank ex-girlfriends wanted to get together with him for a drink? I would appreciate it if The Cop told me, and I would probably let him go. Still no response. So I finished telling The Cop that I thought about who was important in my life at that moment. And I came to the conclusion that The Cop was more important. But, if The Cop told me he didn’t want me to see Smitty, I wouldn’t. Because The Cop was more important to me anyway. At that point, The Cop rolled on his side and put his arm around me and gave me a huge squeeze. He told me that he was secure in himself and he trusted me to have a drink with Smitty…so long as it was just a drink. And that was it. It was that simple.

I took my time emailing Smitty and I didn’t respond to his email until this afternoon. He hasn’t responded yet, and knowing him, he’ll probably flake. And that’s ok. Because I know that no matter what happens, whether we make plans or not, I’ve got a man who’s secure enough to let me go, cause he knows I’ll come back.

Very nice outcome and man, IMHO :)


I agree with T :-) Good call .... thanks for not subjecting me to the golf match.

~ Roomie

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