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Friday, August 19, 2005 

Whew! That's a lot!

A lot is going on, kids. I finally got my brand spanking new Queen sized mattress. A part of me wanted to get a King sized, but that would be a bit shady. I mean, what single girl really needs a King sized mattress? I also bought one of those memory foam pillows for The Cop. Cause that’s what he’s got on his bed (cause he’s old and needs extra neck support). However, I didn’t take it out of its box or lose the receipt. We’re thinking that he won’t have time to come see me until the middle of September, so just in case we don’t last that long (knock on wood) I can take that bitch back. Wow, my curse is that I’m pragmatic in relationships.

This weekend I have NASCAR events. You can tell I’m super duper excited. Both Saturday and Sunday I have to be at NASCAR events. It’ll be a long weekend. This time I plan on taking my camera so we can all see what racing is all about. (insert devious laugh)

My next post will show you the latest that’s going on with my fight against The Man. I wrote a letter to the local newspaper asking for them to write a story about my situation, or at least some things to watch for when renting an apartment.

Then on Tuesday it’s more fighting The Man. This time in traffic court. The Cop volunteered to contact the P.O. who stopped me to see if he can reason with him. If The Cop is successful, he’s got a huge present coming to him. I may even be generous enough to spend the money I saved to pay the ticket on a present for him. Well, not really. We all know I’m not that caring.

Then it’s more gradual moving into The Dungeon with Daddy Kiki coming to town on Thursday. I’m hoping to move the majority of my stuff next week so we’ll only have the heavy furniture to move when he gets here.

Then on Sunday, it’s taking Daddy Kiki back to the airport. I’m hoping that I can connect with The Cop before I make the long drive back to Lansing. That way I can repay him in person for all his hard work.

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