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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Don’t get too comfortable

I’ve been gushing over the cop. I gushed a considerable amount while on the phone with Tiffy last night. Let me explain:

After dropping Daddy Kiki off at the airport, I headed over to The Cop’s house where we decided to hang out and make the most of a beautiful afternoon. I wanted to be outside, so he suggested we take the bike over to the zoo. I like zoos. I think couples should go to the zoo. Not necessarily relationship couples, but two people should go as a group. Recently I’ve been to the zoo with Daddy Kiki, Kipper, and The Cop, and I’ve had just a grand time. Apparently The Cop is part of the Detroit Zoological Society. I have no idea what that means, but I do know that we were able to get into the zoo for free. Now, when I go to the zoo, I like to look at the animals. I don’t like to read or learn. Plus, it was a Sunday. We all know I don’t learn on Sundays. But The Cop was really interested in learning where the animals originated from, what different animals were related, and who their predators were. He was mildly disgusted that humans were the only predators of many of the animals. I had to hold my tongue and not make comments about the wonderful furs some of the animal pelts would make or my involvement in my high school’s Clubbing Baby Seals Club.

The zoo made a prime hand holding venue. However I still refused to make the first move on that one. I gave him all the signals. I walked really really close to him. I brushed my arm against his. But he wouldn’t grab my hand. Maybe he’s not a hand holder. I don’t know.

But, as I was telling all of this to Tiffy, she reminded me to keep my wits about me. It’s pretty obvious that I’m falling for The Cop, but she mentioned that boys have a weird thing about disappearing on me for no good reason. Smitty left b/c he was a workaholic (even tho we were totally making that work for us). The Cop left the first time without telling me. SD #1 left after Kipper and I insulted his daughter over the phone (like that’s a good reason to leave someone). I guess I should be more careful and brace myself for what inevitably might come. I haven’t gushed over the cop to The Cop, I’ve let him know that I like being with him, but haven’t gone any further than that. He needs to be in the dark about this one. Once people realize how important they are to another person, they tend to take advantage of that power. And I’ll be damned if I relinquish of any of my power.

does daddy kiki know about the cop, poodle?

Daddy Kiki knows a cop exists. He knows The Cop was helping me fight my ticket. He overheard a conversation The Cop and I had on the phone when Daddy Kiki was in the car with me. He does not know that The Cop called me last night and asked me if I was sore. Daddy Kiki doesn't need to know about that.

hehehe. daddy kipper likes that story. and he apologizes for emailing daddy kiki about SD #1, old man, pin dick, the musician and the moaning cop last night in a drunken rage. oops! :-)

"And I’ll be damned if I relinquish of any of my power."

Famous last words ....

Easier said than done :-) but good luck anyway!

~ Roomie

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