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Saturday, August 13, 2005 

Here we go again

I guess we’re trying to do things all over again. It’s fun. And scary. Because in the back of my mind, I’m always scared that just when things are going really well, something bad will happen and he’ll disappear again.

I forgot that he’s a vegetarian. And this year he gave up chicken. Next year he’s giving up fish. He’s gonna stop eating things with faces. Which is good for him. Me, I’ll stick to my bloody steaks and crisp bacon.

We had a proper date on Friday night. We took the motorcycle out and went to Best Buy and then to a pizza place for dinner. After that we went down to Royal Oak and got some gelato for dessert. We sat outside on a bench with his arm around me eating gelato and watching the folks pass by; making fun of people with bad outfits. Then he suggested we go to Pronto (which is like the Royal Oak gay restaurant/bar/corner gourmet shop) for top shelf martinis. I like that he’s secure enough to suggest going to a gay spot because he knows the martinis are good there and I like the place. Of course, being a gay patron hag, the gay boys loved me and my outfit and remarked loudly as we walked out of the shop to go home. I was really comfortable being out with him. First off cause I made him clean up (or as I remarked, “The gays won’t let you into Pronto with holey jeans. Their rules not mine. I swear.”), and it was so natural being out with him. I have to admit that with some guys I’m a little uneasy about being out in public with. What a disgrace! A black girl and a white guy! I always wonder what black guys are thinking when they see me out with a white guy. I think of the Chris Rock sketch, “Well, he’s successful now, next thing he’s gotta go out and do is get him a white girl.” I didn’t let him hold my hand. I’m not really a hand holder. I might sleep with you on the first date, but hand holding shouldn’t be taken so lightly!

It’s weird dating someone you’ve dated before. Like I’ve forgotten some things, like that he’s a vegetarian and doesn’t wear leather. So it’s like I’m relearning things and also learning new things all at the same time. I delayed my hair appointment twice this morning cause I was having such a nice time asking him silly/personal questions to get his response and learn just a little more about him. So it’s like things are back to normal. I’m working really hard not to screw this up. Not that it was my fault that he left the first time, but I want to make sure it’s not the reason he’ll leave this time. He notices how bossy I am. I’m just so used to doing things on my own and my way. It is nice to have a man take charge sometimes. So I’m working really really hard (and if you know Mama Kiki, it’s a struggle) not to be bossy.

P.S. The Cop doesn’t have a garage. So, his neighbor lets him park all his toys in her garage. When we parked the bike, he showed me his other bike that is bigger and faster (which I totally forgot he had) as well as his Cherry Red Limited Edition Corvette that he strokes with a diaper and doesn’t let see the light of day. I knew about the ‘Vette that he usually drives, but was totally unaware of the LE stick shift ‘Vette. He gained a couple hundred brownie points with that revelation alone. And if he ever let me drive the LE 'Vette like he let me drive his othe 'Vette, I might just consider letting him hold my hand.

Hold your hand? Such a rebel ;-)

~ Roomie

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