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Sunday, July 24, 2005 

Best Week(end) Ever

I had such a nice time with The Cop. It wouldn’t have happened had Kipper and Tiffy not pushed me to be more aggressive. I called on Saturday night after he got off from work and let him know that I was in Detroit (lie #1) and if he was up to it I could stop by his place before heading back to Lansing. He called me back and said his house was a mess. I gave him one hour and ten minutes to get things cleaned up before I came over. Conveniently, Lansing is one hour and ten minutes away from his house.

We had a nice time when I got there. His house is very nice. It was clean but looked lived in. He either did a ton of cleaning in that hour or he’s one of those people who think their house is dirty because two things are out of place. If you want to see dirty, come to my house about mid week. And I’ll show you dirty.

Anyway, it was a nice time. We really had caught up when we talked on Thursday night, so we didn’t have much to catch up on. We just kinda sat around and watched TV. I had one beer when I was there. For some reason I didn’t want to be drunk. There was really no need to drink. That helped later on.

For some reason I have déjà vu right now…maybe Kipper mentioned this, but I remember thinking what I was going to blog while I was lying there in his bed. How it’s nice to be with a man. You know, the way a man feels. How women are soft, but men are rough. But it’s a good thing. How their chest feels with a wiry mat of hair. Or the texture of their face at 4 a.m. when they have just enough stubble that needs to be shaved. Or how when he sighs he sounds like the purr of a big cat. Not actually a growl or a purr, but something deep and manly and inbetween. I was lying in bed with my face buried in his back, arm slung around his waist thinking I would write something close to that.

It was a good time. I think he was really focused on bringing his rating of a 3 up that night. His hard work paid off. He easily made it to a 4. Not that I have a rating or anything, but I knew it was on his mind.

He had to go to work in the morning so he got dressed and put on his uniform. I had never seen him in his uniform before. He looked hot. I almost made him seriously late for work ;-) But he walked me out to my car and kissed me a couple times outside his house. That was cute. Kinda like telling the rest of the neighborhood that he got some last night and wasn’t afraid to show her off in the morning. Before I left he asked if he could call me later on that day.

Which makes me question why he’s not married to/dating anyone. He’s the nicest person. He carries a gun. He’s witty but not obnoxious. He’s beyond patient with crazy Mama Kiki. He’ll give you the shirt off your back if you ask nice enough. Except for his obsession with his dead pet (I cut him some slack cause he really did love that dog) he’s the best guy ever. I’m trying not to get attached at all. Trying to take a page from Daddy Kipper’s book titled How to Play it Cool with an Older Guy Who Lives Out of Town. Sometimes I think that if we went out just a couple more times, we could get back to where we were before he went crazy on me. But I’m pushing that outta my mind. I’m gonna be cool. I’m not gonna call him until this weekend. If he wants to talk to me, he knows how to find me.

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