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Saturday, July 16, 2005 

If it dresses like a whore...it's probably a whore

First off, did I mention I almost got fired from the PTJ for dressing like a whore? I walked in on Friday wearing a skirt that apparently was more than 2" above my knee. I'd worn it all day at the real job and I planned on going out later that night. Because I live in BFE, I sometimes have to wear my whoring clothes to work to save myself a trip.

Anyway, they wanted me to sign some sheet that said i violated the dress code. I wouldn't sign it 'cause I didn't think the skirt was that short. So, I have to go in on Monday before an appeal board where they will make a decision. I think I'll wear the skirt again and bend over a lot.

Men seem to be more bold with women nowdays. Well, at least when they're hiding behind chatroom doors and match.com. I'm sitting online right now playing solitaire and listening to some Ysaÿe Quartet. I'm approached by a man. I like your pic, he says. I have a fake pic online anyway, so he actually likes the pic of a girl i cut out of a magazine. I think he may be cool. I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt (unless I don't like their shoes) so I ask him how he's doing? This prompts him to ask me if I'd like to suck his dick.

How did we get there? How is "How are you doing" a segway to "Will you suck my dick?"

Maybe I'm getting old, but that kind of shit really turns me off. Do men really think women will respond by saying, "Gee, I didn't have anything going on tonight. Sure, I might as well spend the better half of a Saturday evening sucking your dick! You totally read my mind!"

If men are going to be so bold, I've decided that I'm going to ask for what I want in the first three sentences of a conversation. "Hi. I'm Kiki. I like your picture. Do you want to give me some hard cold cash?" Maybe I'll try that next time. If men seriously think women will perform sexual acts on a person who randomly IMs them, I'm justified to think a man will likewise give me money.

i'm with you on the balls-out approach. i had to make my yahoo messenger invisible because of the random white men who would IM me, tell me i'm beautiful, ask physical specs and then ask if i'm into casual sex.

Yeah ... I did that too. And on Yahoo, they just come out of the woodworks. It's like an infestation. Maybe that's why I started dating the guy who had some better to say then a/s/l, hehe ;-)

~ Roomie

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