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Thursday, July 07, 2005 

Drugs are responsible for teaching America's Youth the Metric System

That title has nothing to do with this post. I just saw it on a T-Shirt on my way back from lunch. I thought I would share.

I had a nice 4th with Daddy Kiki. He made me lots and lots of food and I will never be hungry again. He also helped me pick out the lighting for the Dungeon. I will tell you about that later. We only got in one fight.

First the fight: I was lying on the couch watching Judge Mathis and Daddy Kiki was in the kitchen making the bar-b-q. While searching for spices he came upon my Xenedrine. He flipped! He said I was cheating at weight loss and that the stuff was bad for me and I might as well be doing cocaine! Actually...never mind. Anyway, he flipped his lid and I calmly told him that him yelling at me was not going to detor me from taking my pills. Then I stopped talking to him for an entire day and a half. But really, what did he expect? He's the one that encouraged my Slim Fast addiction. And we all know Slim Fast is just a gateway drug to pills.

But before the fight Daddy Kiki and I bought the entire lighting for the Dungeon. The contractor called on Wednesday and told me that I need to buy all of the lighting for the house and spend no more than $225.00. WHAT? Daddy Kiki and I ended up going to every Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards in the area. I had a breakdown in Lowes. I found some lighting in brushed nickel that I liked, but the house has specifications. Like I needed a certain amount of lights with 2 bulbs and some with 1 bulb. Then, I only wanted the lighting with the crystal domes instead of the frosted domes b/c the crystal domes emit more light. So I found all the brushed nickel lights with one blub and crystal domes but I couldn't find any 2 bulb brushed nickle crystal dome lights. Oh yeah, and staying within my $225.00 budget! I'm really surprised Daddy Kiki didn't knock me over the head with a light fixture and leave me in the aisles of Home Depot for someone to discover my body. But alas! Daddy Kiki came trhough! He was so patient and helped me find all my lighting and I'm only about $70 over budget. Which is a damn good job.

So Daddy Kiki left on Tuesday, I'm still working it at the PTJ, and I think I have plans to hang with the Serbian on Friday night. Now I've just gotta think of a cleaver way to get out of sleeping with him.

i was looking at HUD homes online today. it was exciting but then you reminded me that little things like lighting may have to be purchased, in addition to appliances. *grumble*

and what do you mean he encouraged your slimfast addiction? doesnt he know that it's okay if black girls have thighs and booty?

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