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Saturday, July 09, 2005 


I don't know who says alochol is a depressant. It seems to be a stimulant with me. I decided to have a drink tonight...outof boredom and watch The Wonderful World of Disney. Tonight's movie is The Emperor's Groove (or something like that, you know I don't pay attention) and I started thinking, why haven't I seen this movie? It's hilarious! Or maybe I'm just drunk.

I need to find things to do tomorrow. I found a living room set that I really love at Art Van but it's almost $3000.00 and I can't afford it right now. Daddy Kiki thinks I should watch it carefully and just wait till it hits the clearance center and get it then. Um, Daddy Kiki, what about a nice, sizable donation to The Dungeon fund. I'd appreciate that better. So it's off to the furniture store tomorrow to get other ideas for a living room set. I also need to look at storage solutions at The Container Store. I'm so upset that there's not one around here. Welcome to the country!

Sorry I don't have my usual stories of weekend debauchery. They're few and far between nowadays. Hopefully that'll change with my visit to Indy soon.

ebay anyone? --- luv uneek

ebay? it's a farce.

how about that the set COUCHES i wanted for my living room were $2000 alone. yeah. that's why there's still a futon in my living room. me and my damn eurocentric taste.

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