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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 


My head hurts. I don't know why. I don't think I've had a headache since college. In all reality, it's really the last time I was faced with any kind of stress. I'm not stressed today. No one is here. The office is pretty quite. My head is aching.

I don't think I'm gonna get fired from the Part Time Job (PTJ). In fact, the numbers I was pulling were a lot better than I thought. And then I got my first $100 donation last night too. That helped tons. So I'm doing my part to help fight cancer! Yeah!

I also talked to a relative last night at the PTJ. Well, not really, but he had the same last name as me. It was weird to see the name on the screen. We had a nice chat. He told me about some (insert my last name here) history. But the bitch didn't give me a donation. I thought I had that one in the bag. It was cool to run into someone with my same last name, though.

Got my AIDS test today. Yesterday was
AIDS/HIV awareness day. I would suggest you get tested. Especially if you happen to take home ADD boys from bars or striaght men who hang out in gay bars but tell you 18 times in the night that they're not gay. Not that I know anyone who does that, though. Although in all reality, my chances of getting AIDS right now are about as high as my chances of getting preggers. Oh, and the test is effortless. I didn't even have to give blood. They just take a swab from the inside of your cheek, tell you not to have unprotected sex, and send you on your way! I have to go back in a week and get my results.

Why won't this headache go away?!?!?

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