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Sunday, June 19, 2005 

A Day at the Races

When I think of a day at the races, I normally think of being here. However, today I attended my first NASCAR race. Of course, I did it the right way and watched from the safety of a suite. Let me explain.

I was invited out to the track in Michigan. I had to do some meet and greet duties, but for the most part I got to have a lot of fun. The pictures from the race are here. It was actually a lot of fun. After getting to the track (after sitting in an hour of traffic) I wasn't directed the the VIP area. In fact, no one I talked to knew where the VIP area was located. Always resourceful, I flagged down two state troopers on a go cart. I told them I was lost and I was looking for the VIP area. This resulted in a 30 minute police escort for Mama Kiki. It was kinda weird. There were a ton of people milling around drinking (it was 9:00 a.m) and they were really interested to know why lil miss black girl had a police escort. Hehe. It's fun to fake importance.

So I get to the Suite. They had a nice set up. There was nothing going on so I organized our guests for a tour of the facilities. We took a van to the pit area and behind the grandstand. Since I know nothing about NASCAR, I didn't know that the RVs got to park in the middle of the track. We had to drive thru the RV parking in order to get to the pit. That was a sight to behold. It was like a shanty town! So many rednecks! Mullets! Bikini tops with cut-off jeans! All sorts of domestic beer! We were like tourist on safari pointing and gawking at all the unfamiliar creatures! What a hoot. So we made it to the pit. We saw the cars lined up. Then Boss Man had a gret idea to get us all into one of the race car simulator area. We did the obligatory introductions to the people running the simulators, then cut infront of a huge line of people waiting for the simulators and used them ourselves! Haha! That was cool. It was really like driving a race car. I did horribly! Then we got some free stuff and it was back to the Suite.

Back at the Suite we went up to the outdoor area and had a great view of the fighter jets fly over the race. We were above all of the cars, so it was cool to watch them zoom by. I waited forever for a crash but I didn't see one. (Apparently there was a crash while I was on my way back home.) The people were wonderful, I got to meet Robert Porche, and I had a great time.

So, in conclusion, I totally suggest everyone going to see a NASCAR race at least once. However, stay out of the shanty town and get yourself into the suite!

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