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Thursday, June 16, 2005 

Just some Observations

I read this article today in USA Today. I think it's right on. There have been other stories about how black abductions never get national attention. I'm glad people are finally saying something about it. Will we now get more cases of black abductions in the national news media? Probably not.

I made a friend yesterday. A month or two ago I went to this Republican function for work. I happened to sit at a table with a young female attorney. She was really nice and she invited me out to lunch with one of her friends. She told me that it's sometimes intimidating to go to those events when you know absolutely no one. I agreed. Well yesterday we went out. We had lunch at Troppo, which, by the way, my whole office was at. I ran into both of my bosses there! Anyway, a good time was had by all. Both girls are attorneys and both are married. The co-owner of the restaurant even visited our table to chat. It was nice. I actually may have made a real friend!

I have my interview with the American Cancer Society this afternoon. That's right, kiddos, I'm taking a summer job. I'm so bored lately, and I feel I can make some extra money to furnish The Dungeon by taking on an after work job. I'm gonna be a telemarketer.

several thoughts...
1) can other people actually see your new 'friends' or is this simply another case of your overactive imagination?
2) do your new friends know about mama kiki?
3) do they have attractive husbands who, one day, you hope to steal and lock up in the dungeon?


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